Shoresy Season 3 Gets Surprise Update Ahead Of Letterkenny Spinoff’s Season 2 Debut On Hulu

Shoresy season 3 gets a surprise update at Hulu as the future of the Letterkenny spinoff starring Jared Keeso becomes clearer ahead of season 2.


  •  Shoresy season 3 has been renewed before season 2’s debut on Hulu.
  •  The spinoff series focuses on the character of Shoresy as he joins the struggling Sudbury Bulldogs ice hockey team in Ontario.
  •  Shoresy season 3, consisting of six episodes, is set to start filming in Sudbury this fall.


Shoresy season 3 gets a big update at Hulu before the season 2 debut. Premiering in May 2022, with Jared Keeso as the creator and titular star, the Letterkenny spinoff focuses on the character of Shoresy as he moves to the city of Sudbury, Ontario, to take a role with the struggling ice hockey team known as the Sudbury Bulldogs. Receiving good reviews and developing into a fan favorite, the show was renewed for a second installment earlier this year.

Ahead of Shoresy season 2, which debuts on October 27 on Hulu, TVLine confirms that the hockey comedy has been renewed for season 3. Consisting of six episodes, as previous installments have been, it’s also noted that Shoresy season 3 is expected to begin shooting in Sudbury this fall.

What To Know About Shoresy Season 2

Jared Keeso as Shorsey smiling during a game in Shoresy season 2

Shoresy season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, with the Sadbury Bulldogs going up against their rivals, the Soo Cyclones. The game’s outcome was kept ambiguous, but based on the Shoresy season 2 trailer, the Bulldogs are hardly in an ideal position. The distraction seems partly related to romance and flings, but the ultimate goal is unchanged, centering around whether the team will be able to achieve victory.

The Shoresy cast also includes Tasya Teles as Nat, Harlan Blayne Kytwayhat as Sanguinet, Ryan McDonell as Mark Michaels, Terry Ryan as Ted Hitchcock, Blair Lamora as Ziigwan, Keilani Rose as Miigwan. It has been previewed that the team’s public perception is not in the greatest place either, but given this latest confirmation from Hulu, it’s a positive sign that the comedy won’t stop as a two-season arc.

That means there will be more time to answer the spinoff’s inception. The premise is based on a bet the lead character made to save the team, but the previews have pointed to larger questions for Shorsey season 2. At one point, the protagonist is asked why he even bothers with the team. It’s a worthwhile question for the show that hasn’t reached the end just yet.

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