Twilight Princess Fan’s Midna Cosplay Is Simply Perfect

A fan of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has made a very impressive cosplay of Midna, complete with the imposing Fused Shadow helm.

A fan of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has recently created an amazing Midna cosplay. The titular princess of the Twili race, Midna accompanied Link throughout Twilight Princess as his sharp-tongued companion.

Twilight Princess is undoubtedly one of the darker games in the Zelda franchise. For example, one striking sequence involves a desperate Link, trapped in wolf form, racing to save the life of a severely injured Midna. This is only one of several dramatic moments in the game which help to build a detailed character arc for the imp-like woman, a rarity for The Legend of Zelda‘s companion characters. Combined with her personality, this has cemented Midna as one of the most popular characters in the series. This is only one of the reasons why many fans are eager to see a Switch port for the game, although unfortunately, recent reports suggest that Twilight Princess isn’t coming to Switch any time soon.

The talented cosplayer and Reddit user GeniMonster has now recreated Midna’s imp-like appearance in a brilliant cosplay. An impressive before and after image showcases the cosplayer’s transformation, which utilizes a black and white bodysuit covered in teal markings to imitate the complex patterns of Midna’s skin. Similarly, Midna’s ragged fin-like ears are likewise replicated perfectly, with more of the Twili’s teal markings running along the edges. Midna’s bright orange hair, which she is able to manipulate at will in-game, is apparently rendered here with the use of a long wig. For fans, the overall effect of the Twilight Princess cosplay is truly magical, which has earned it over sixteen thousand upvotes in a few days.

Midna Cosplay Includes Incredible Fused Shadow Helm

One of the most eye-catching details of the cosplay is Midna’s helm, one of the powerful Fused Shadows eventually used to oppose Zant and Ganondorf. GeniMonster has been able to recreate it using styrofoam, which has been given a covering of plaster and painted a dark gray. The details have been simplified somewhat compared to the in-game model, but this is understandable when considering just how intricate the original helm is. What is included are key details such as the eye-like marking which covers Midna’s left eye. Although this seems to be over the right eye in GeniMonster’s photo, it should be noted that the picture appears to have been taken using a mirror. This means the image will actually be reversed when compared to reality. Foam is an important part of any cosplayer’s toolbox, making it possible to create things like an imposing Darknut cosplay’s suit of armor.

GeniMonster has created what can honestly be described as a deeply impressive Midna cosplay. While some details are not replicated, this is clearly more a result of practicalities rather than anything else. As it is, the costume is incredibly striking, from the details of the ‘skin’ to the towering helm they wear. With that in mind, it’s little wonder that GeniMonster’s fellow Legend of Zelda fans have shown the cosplay so much love. The enthusiastic response is also a testament to Midna’s ongoing popularity as a character, despite Twilight Princess now being fifteen years old. It is clear that a lot of time, effort and skill has gone into the creation of this cosplay, which has now just as clearly paid off; this incredible cosplay truly brings Midna to life.

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