10 Things That Fans Will Always Love, According To Reddit

Seinfeld is a timeless and classic sitcom in many ways, and fans are sharing on Reddit why they still appreciate this show so much.

There may be new sitcoms being released all the time, and while many share the dynamic of funny friends dealing with life, Seinfeld is still a favorite for many people who appreciate its sense of humor and premise. Seeing George become obsessed with a good parking spot or Kramer finding quirky ways to redecorate his apartment is just never going to get old, no matter how many times people rewatch.

From the structure of each episode to the way that the characters behave, Seinfeld fans have taken to Reddit to share why they are such big fans of this show, all of these years later.

Every Episode Can Be Considered A “Classic”

Elaine, George, and Jerry talk to the maître d’hôtel of a chinese restaurant in Seinfeld

Reddit user FlaviusFlaviust says that sometimes, a sitcom episode will be on TV and there will be a famous and iconic episode, but Seinfeld is “nothing but classics.” Reddit user ennuiismymiddlename agreed, “Almost every single episode has at least one classic line/scene/moment.”

It’s true that when compared to many other sitcoms, Seinfeld does have a large amount of beloved jokes, quotes that fans can repeat on a regular basis, and well-known plotlines that never seem boring. Bania saying “soup is not a meal” and Elaine and Jerry being stuck at a lackluster party will never get old.

The Characters Stand Out Because They Keep Making Mistakes

George Costanza holding his head in his hands on Seinfeld

On a typical sitcom, characters mess up, realize where they went wrong, and resolve to act better next time. These moments can be moving, and it’s nice to see characters working on themselves. But this isn’t what happens to Jerry and his friends, something that viewers appreciate and celerbate.

In a thread about the reasons why Seinfeld has so many fans, Reddit user BaronVonBS wrote,” The characters were a change of pace from the traditional sitcom” and “they were far from good people.” The fan added, “they never learned from their mistakes.”

Seinfeld Is Funny, Not Heartwarming

Elaine talking on the phone in Seinfeld

While Jerry, Kramer, George, and Elaine are fully formed characters and fans understand everything about them, each episode is the perfect blend of silly and sarcastic. The jokes and storylines never fail to impress and that’s what fans like so much about this ’90s sitcom.

Reddit user marvup said that the show “prioritizes humor over character development and plot line resolutions.” No matter how fans feel about how the characters are behaving, the show is always going to make them laugh a lot.

Jerry And His Friends Have Great Discussions

George with his arm around Jerry in the Seinfeld pilot

Seinfeld has many memorable quotes and viewers also enjoy the talks that the main characters have, whether Elaine and Jerry are joking around or George and Jerry are giving each other some unique advice.

Reddit user r3solv said that Jerry and the other characters have “real conversations friends their age would have.” From dating to friendship to career choices and upcoming parties, the characters do sound totally genuine.

Fans Can Compare Their Lives To Seinfeld

Kramer sitting on Jerry's blue couch in Seinfeld

From finding the perfect quote to use in a real life scenario to realizing that something feels just like a storyline, fans can see themselves in the show. Reddit user SEJ46 wrote, “I am always relating things that are going on to Seinfeld. It really is incredible how much it applies.”

Everything from awkward dates to bad parties to boring jobs is covered on the sitcom, and since episodes talk about parking cars and being unemployed and dealing with frustrating family members, it’s hard not to relate to some of it.

There Aren’t Any Happy Conclusions

George and Steinbrenner on Seinfeld

Seinfeld fans often talk about how life is tough for Jerry and his friends and that seems to be the entire point of the series. Instead of figuring out where they messed up or wondering if they can improve, they shrug things off and move on.

Reddit user YAZEED-IZ likes that the “episodes never had good endings.” Many viewers appreciate that the show doesn’t approach humor in a cheesy way, as it’s more interesting that Jerry and the others stay exactly who they are. When George is out of a job or Kramer is frustrated, things don’t magically get better in the time frame of the episode.

Seinfeld Is Even More Fun When Rewatching

Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer look for their car in Seinfeld

There are many timeless Seinfeld episodes and while some shows can’t really be watched several times, as the mystery gets ruined or the jokes feel flat and tired, fans can binge this one on a regular basis.

Reddit user reverie said it “gets better upon multiple rewatches” and fans can see the “silly multi-threaded plot setups and the unique performances every actor gives.” Once viewers are familiar with the most popular episodes and storylines, other details begin to stand out.

The Structure Of Each Episode Still Stands Out

Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer ride the subway in Seinfeld

Seinfeld still has so many fans because it’s so funny, but it’s also the structure of each episode that makes it so special. One Redditor loves that there are “four separate and distinct storylines that had nothing to do with each other, yet they all came together at the end of the episode.”

While sitcoms often have an A story and a B story that is more minor, Seinfeld does make a point of focusing on Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer and everyone is given equal weight. This helps fans connect even more with the characters.

The Characters Dissect Everything That Happens To Them

Jerry and George pitch a show about nothing in Seinfeld

There are many underrated quotes on Seinfeld and when fans look back on why they love the dialogue so much, many say that it’s Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer dissecting everything that takes place in their lives.

Reddit user williepep1960 loves “the way they break down situation in funny way” and notes that this seems unique when compared to other sitcoms. Only on Seinfeld would characters be so upset about punctuation or not wanting to say hello to someone on the street.

The Humor Is Accessible

Elaine on Seinfeld looking upset on Seinfeld

For Reddit user crocodial, the humor on the show is “specific” yet “familiar.” The fan used the example of George becoming humiliated after talking on his girlfriend’s answering machine and said it’s a “different and unique type of humor than the usual banter between spouses or siblings that most sitcoms use.”

It’s true that while the characters have funny dialogue about the things that are going wrong in their lives, viewers can still think about how they would act if it was them dealing with these problems.

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