10 Funniest Fights, Ranked

There is always something silly to fight about on Seinfeld, and sometimes the main characters get into some truly hilarious arguments.

Although the main characters on Seinfeld seem to live a great life in New York City, living in fairly spacious apartments and hanging out all the time, they definitely find a lot of things to fight about. Whether George is mad at his parents or Jerry and Elaine are experiencing conflict, the characters aren’t always happy. They’re definitely famous for complaining.

From a disagreement that becomes a big moment in Jerry and Kramer’s relationship to some petty fights that George becomes involved in, there are many arguments on Seinfeld that make fans laugh and wonder if there’s really anything to be so angry about.

Jerry And Kramer Argue Over Jerry’s Apartment Keys

Jerry asking Kramer for his apartment keys back in Seinfeld

Many Kramer Seinfeld quotes aged well and Kramer’s fight with Jerry in the season 3 episode “The Keys” is both hilarious and a bit sad. When Jerry feels that Kramer has been coming into his apartment too often, he wants his keys back. Kramer gets so upset that Jerry says he can keep the keys, but Kramer decides to go to California to act.

While this argument feels silly, as it seems impossible for Jerry and Kramer to stop being friends or be mad at each other for long, it does have some real emotion to it, making it not quite as funny as some other fights.

George Gets Angry At A Co-Worker

George with his mouth full in The Comeback ep of Seinfeld.

Seinfeld fans can never watch the season 8 episode “The Comeback” enough times as George is mad at a co-worker saying that he’s eating too many shrimp during a meeting. George and the co-worker have a lot of tension, with George wanting to create the same scenario so he can say “The Jerk Store called and they’re running out of you.”

This isn’t as huge an argument as some others, but it does show viewers that George has a tendency to obsess over the same thing and talk to his friends about it a million times, as he just can’t let anything go.

Elaine And Peggy Fight Over Elaine’s Germs

Elaine laughing on Seinfeld

Elaine may have a long career in publishing, but she and her co-workers rarely get along. Elaine has a lot of problems talking to Peggy in the season 9 episode “The Apology” when Peggy worries about getting sick from being around Elaine.

When Elaine asks what’s wrong, Peggy says that Elaine sleeps with too many people, which Elaine understandably finds offensive. Elaine says that it’s none of Peggy’s business and Peggy shuts the conversation down by saying, “It’s not. Good day.” Elaine escalates the fight by spreading her germs on Peggy’s desk. Elaine’s behavior is so bad that it’s hard not to smile and wonder why she would go this far.

Elaine Keeps Fighting With Doctors

Elaine talking on the phone in Seinfeld

There are moments when Elaine is immature on Seinfeld and that includes whenever she has to go to the doctor.

Viewers learn that doctors have written down on their charts that Elaine is “difficult” in the season 8 episode “The Package.” Elaine fights with several doctors, letting them know that she isn’t happy about this. There is no real resolution here, so this isn’t the most hilarious disagreement on the show, but it’s entertaining to see Elaine having no self-awareness.

Joe Bans Kramer From The Fruit Market

Kramer’s love of buying fruit in the season 5 episode “The Mango” would be funny on its own. When Joe, who owns Kramer’s favorite market, bans him from ever purchasing produce there again, the storyline becomes even better.

Kramer is angry at not being able to buy his own fruit anymore and Joe continues the argument with Jerry when Jerry tries to buy Kramer’s produce for him. While this isn’t as entertaining as seeing the other characters interacting, it’s still a great fight as it shows how passionate Kramer gets about his daily routine.

Frank And Elaine Argue Over George

Elaine dancing in an office party in Seinfeld

The season 8 episode “The Little Kicks” is well-known thanks to Elaine’s bad dance moves. It also features a memorable argument between Frank and Elaine.

When George gets arrested, Frank gets mad at Elaine and doesn’t think that she’s being nice enough to George. Since Elaine and George often have a tough relationship and they can resent and annoy each other, Frank has a point. Watching Frank and Elaine fight is fun since these characters don’t often interact.

Jerry Yells At Puddy For Stealing His Move

David Puddy talking to Elaine on Seinfeld

Puddy is a memorable Seinfeld side character and plays a starring role in the beloved season 6 episode “The Fusilli Jerry.”

Jerry is horrified to learn from Elaine that Puddy stole one of his moves and goes to yell at Puddy, who is equally angry and says that he knew about it a long time ago. Watching these characters who have nothing in common argue about something so awkward is comedy gold and one of the best fights on the show.

Jerry And Elaine Fight During Their Casual Relationship

Jerry and Elaine sitting on the couch in "The Deal" episode of Seinfeld

One of the most memorable season 2 episodes is “The Deal” when Jerry and Elaine decide to sleep together regularly without getting back together. When they say “Spending the night is optional,” they have a huge fight about whether they would sleep over at each other’s apartments.

Since Jerry and Elaine get along so well, it’s fun to watch them argue about this topic, as it’s a reminder that they don’t agree on a lot of things and that they should most likely stay just friends. Although viewers feel badly that they’re both upset, this storyline is hilarious because they both feel so strongly about their own opinion.

Frank Fights With Kramer Because “Stopped Short”

Split image of Kramer holding up a pasta figure and Frank yelling on Seinfeld

There are many great Seinfeld episodes about Kramer, including “The Fusilli Jerry” when there’s a lot of discussion about Jerry’s sex life. Estelle says that Kramer hit on her and Frank and Estelle bicker about this briefly. Then Frank says, “He stopped short? That’s my move. I’m gonna kill him!”

This plotline becomes even more wild and chaotic when Kramer and Frank fight each other and Frank hurts himself by sitting on a “Fusilli Jerry” figure that Kramer made out of pasta. Frank has to go to the doctor and it’s hard to imagine this situation ending up worse for him. This fight escalates the storyline about who came up with this move, making it funnier than Jerry and Puddy’s disagreement.

Elaine And George’s Fight Over The Big Salad

George and Elaine fighting over the big salad in Seinfeld

The season 6 episode when George buys Elaine a take-out salad is definitely iconic and for good reason, as it leads to the most hilarious fight on the sitcom.

Elaine thinks that Julie, who George is dating, has bought her the salad and says thank you. George is livid that he didn’t credit and Elaine is even angrier that George cares. This fight is definitely petty and silly, as it doesn’t make sense that Elaine and George both take this situation so seriously, and this is the beauty of Seinfeld.

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