Twilight: 10 Cringiest Lines

The Twilight Saga is pretty well known for how cringy it can be at times. This is apparent in the number of cringy quotes that the franchise has.

The Twilight Saga is pretty well known for how cringy it can be at times. The central relationships are generally toxic, the characters make some very hilarious and foolish moves, and the plot can definitely be considered overdramatic.

However, it’s usually the dialogue that leads to the cringiest moments in the whole saga. Certain lines that are spoken by the film’s main characters are often painful to hear, but easy to laugh at. A few quotes in particular stand out for just how cringy they are.

Edward Cullen (Twilight)

“You Better Hold On Tight, Spider Monkey.”

Edward talking to Bella in tree

Bella is visiting Edward’s house, when suddenly Edward starts carrying her as he climbs giant trees. She clings onto his back, and he tells her to hold on, calling her a spider monkey, in a bizarrely out of place and cringy line.

Part of the reason why this line is so cringy is that it’s so unexpected. Edward is generally a pretty reserved character. He doesn’t make jokes, or give nicknames. So him suddenly calling Bella a monkey feels very out of place, and his prior lack of playfulness makes this quip just feel weird. Also if this is his idea of a pet name, “spider monkey” isn’t really a great one. It’s far more cringy than romantic.

Jacob Black (New Moon)

“Where The Hell Have You Been, Loca?”

This Twilight quote has been memed into oblivion, but it is still just as cringy as ever. When Bella and Jacob catch up in New Moon, Jacob exclaims this line in joy as the two hug. Arguably, Jacob should have known where this loca was, since she had been mourning her and Edward’s relationship inside her room for a number of months by this point.

The clunky integration of Spanish into the line feels very cringy, especially since neither characters are Spanish. The way that actor Taylor Lautner says the line is also a little cringy in just how wooden and one-note the delivery is.

Jacob Black (Breaking Dawn: Part 2)

“Because It Was Her. From The Beginning, It Was Nessie Who Wanted Me There.”

Jacob imprinting on a baby will always be a horrifying and cringy concept, even to major fans of the franchise. What makes it even worse is that he states that the baby, “Nessie,” was the reason he felt attached to Bella. He even implies that he was never in love with Bella, just the unfertilized eggs that were inside her, which is gross to think about.

Furthermore, the idea that a baby which hadn’t even been born yet was calling out to Jacob makes him appear even more delusional than he already is. This line is so cringy that it goes into actually terrifying territory.

Edward Cullen (Twilight)

“And So The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb”

If there was one cringy moment and quote that summed up Edward and Bella’s relationship, this would be it. Edward laments how he, a dangerous predator, has fallen in love with a docile creature, Bella. His referral to them as animals is cringy enough, but the overly-dramatic way in which he says this quote makes it almost laughable.

Furthermore, they barely know each other at this point, so Edward declaring that he is in love with Bella all seems a bit sudden. It’d be cringy and off-putting for anyone to hear, even without the threat of him ripping her apart like a lamb.

Bella Swan (Eclipse)

“Jacob, Kiss Me!”

When Jacob finds out that Bella and Edward are engaged, he is furious. He threatens to join the battle against Victoria, because he claims to no longer care if he lives or dies. Bella desperately asks Jacob to kiss her, and considering she had been rejecting him the whole movie, the request is pretty cringy.

Viewers can infer that Bella is pressured into making this request. While she doesn’t want to be with Jacob romantically, she cares about him, and his guilt trip of going to war forces her to kiss him in order to prevent this. Overall, it’s one of the cringiest moments between Bella and Jacob, because Bella was probably very uncomfortable.

Edward Cullen (Twilight)

“You’re Like My Own Personal Brand Of Heroin”

Edward finds Bella’s blood irresistible, and he tells her that she is like a drug to him. He desperately wishes to drink her blood, while at the same time wanting to be her boyfriend. If there was ever a red flag, that would be it. One may also wonder if Edward has ever done heroin, which is an odd picture.

The idea that Bella would want to stay with Edward after he has explicitly said that he could, and might, kill her, is enough to make a viewer shake their head. Bella deserves better than someone who says creepy and cringy lines like this.

 Jacob Black (Eclipse)

“I Am Hotter Than You.”

Jacob’s obvious resentment towards Edward for being in a relationship with Bella is often painful to watch. Jacob’s delusion that he has a chance with Bella when she has explicitly told him that’s not the case gets more cringy every time he brings it up.

When Bella is freezing on a mountain, Jacob has to cuddle with her, since Edward would just make her colder. Jacob smugly says this hilarious Twilight quote which didn’t age well, and the audience feels just as uncomfortable as Edward, since he’s forced to watch this happen. It’s also pretty cringy is how self-referential it is, since it seems to be a meta-comment on the Edward Vs Jacob debate in the Twilight fandom.

 Rosalie Cullen (Twilight)

“My Monkey Man”

Rosalie as the batter during the Twilight baseball game

It’s not just the saga’s main trio that gets cringy lines. When the Cullens are playing baseball, Emmett climbs a tree to catch a ball, and Rosalie says the aforementioned quote. The idea that this is meant to be a hot moment, and that she is trying to compliment him by calling him a monkey is pretty cringy to say the least.

The quote is also quite similar to an earlier quote of Edward, who says to Bella, “Hold on tight, spider monkey.” It seems like everyone in the Cullen family likes to refer to their partners as monkeys, which is both cringy and odd considering that according to a Twilight cast quote, they were trained to move like cats.

Bella Swan (Breaking Dawn: Part 2)

“You Nicknamed My Daughter After The Loch Ness Monster?!”

Bella, Renesmee, Edward, and Jacob in Twilight Breaking Dawn

This quote is extremely funny, and has very much gone down as a meme line, but it is still cringy. When Bella finds out that Jacob has imprinted on her infant daughter, she is furious, especially when he gives Renesmee the nickname of “Nessie,” like the Loch Ness Monster.

What makes this line so cringy is that poor actor Kristen Stewart has to say it with such serious anger. Had Bella stated the line sarcastically, it wouldn’t have been so ridiculous to hear. But the fury combined with how funny the line is overall just makes it hilariously embarrassing to watch.

Jacob Black (Eclipse)

“You Feel Something Else For Me, You Just Won’t Admit It.”

Jacob And Bella Speaking In A Field

This statement that Jacob says to Bella probably makes many women cringe, because this quote is very typical of “Nice Guy” behaviour. The entitlement that Jacob feels towards Bella, to the point that he will refuse to take no for an answer when she rejects him, is enough to make anyone’s skin crawl.

Jacob keeps pressing that Bella has feelings for him, and she is visibly uncomfortable. Fans of the saga also cringe at this moment because they know what comes next: Jacob forces himself on Bella, and she has to punch him in order to stop him from kissing her.

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