10 Seinfeld Episodes That Will Hook New Viewers

Fans of Seinfeld love watching Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer get into silly situations. Potential viewers will enjoy these unique episodes.

Winning praise for storylines “about nothing” and witty, sarcastic characters, Seinfeld is a sitcom that gets better with each re-watch. Unlike other sitcoms that become dull once everyone knows the jokes and major plot points, Seinfeld is always intelligent and funny. Watching Jerry and his friends become annoyed with their lives provides entertainment no matter how many times someone has seen a certain episode.

For those who haven’t seen much or any of Seinfeld, there are several episodes that showcase why the pessimistic characters and funny plotlines are so popular.

The Jacket (S2, E3)

Jerry Seinfeld wearing his new jacket in Seinfeld episode The Jacket

Jerry loves the new jacket that he buys in this season 2 episode, and he has horrible luck when he wears it to a dinner with George, Elaine’s dad, and Elaine. When he’s about to walk home, he realizes that the bad weather is going to absolutely destroy the jacket that he is so proud of.

Many Seinfeld episodes are about bad luck or being on the wrong path in life, and this is a good example of a time when Jerry thinks that everything is going well, and then he’s brought back down to earth.

The Chinese Restaurant (S2, E11)

No one can check out Seinfeld without watching the famous episode “The Chinese Restaurant.” The characters are hoping to get a table at a restaurant, but instead, they have to stand and wait. They get hungrier and wonder what’s taking so long, and Elaine even comes close to eating an egg roll from someone she doesn’t even know.

This really sums up what the show is all about; the characters are in a funny situation that feels like it’s unimportant, but viewers can sympathize with how frustrating it is.

The Apartment (S2, E5)

This second-season episode is also great for people who aren’t very familiar with this ’90s sitcom. Elaine learns that there’s going to be a free unit in Jerry’s apartment building, and as she hates where she lives, she wants to take it.

The friend group on Seinfeld can be pretty harsh with each other, but, sometimes, the characters treat each other in a sweet, innocent way. Jerry is nervous to let Elaine know that he doesn’t want her to live in his building after all, and fans can relate to this tricky situation. This is a perfect Seinfeld storyline, as it seems like the characters are going to get what they want, and then it turns into a big mess.

The Pen (S3, E3)

New viewers can check out the third season episode when Jerry and Elaine visit Jerry’s parents in Florida. This is one of the funniest episodes in the whole series, as Elaine sleeps on a sofa bed and hurts her back.

This is a storyline that stands out, as Elaine tries to be nice and polite by agreeing to sleep here, but she suffers so much that she regrets her decision. When Elaine is miserable, everyone knows it, as she’s a very expressive character.

The Stranded (S3, E10)

Jerry and Kramer talking to the party host in "The Stranded" episode of Seinfeld

If someone is new to Seinfeld, they should definitely check out the season three episode “The Stranded.” Elaine, Jerry, and George go to a party, and they’re miserable when George abandons them and they call Kramer to give them a ride home.

This episode also features a strange plot involving the party host and a prostitute, but the hilarious and memorable part is at the party. Anyone who likes to go to parties with a friend so they’re more comfortable can relate to Jerry and Elaine here, as they have trouble getting along with people who they don’t know.

The Movie (S4, E14)

Elaine and George looking at Rochelle, Rochelle movie poster on Seinfeld

No one should miss the season 4 episode “The Movie.” It might not sound like much, as the main characters have trouble going to the same movie, but it’s hilarious and quirky.

Seinfeld features many movies that aren’t real, and this episode is memorable as the characters see a film called Rochelle Rochelle. The characters bring this movie up at different points on the show, so this is a good episode to watch to see its origin story on the sitcom.

The Pitch (S4, E3)

Jerry and George pitch a show about nothing in Seinfeld

This is the episode when Jerry and George pitch a sitcom idea to NBC. It’s super funny, as they truly have a show about nothing, much like Seinfeld, and it’s iconic.

Anyone who watches this episode will get a great introduction to George and will understand why he gets so nervous: he’s totally insecure. When he and Jerry are about to go into their pitch meeting, he worries that it won’t go well at all, and Jerry realizes that he’s much more comfortable in this situation.

The Mango (S5, E1)

Elaine laughs while Jerry looks shocked in Seinfeld

In “The Mango,” Elaine shared with Jerry that she faked orgasms during their relationship, and George felt that, when he ate a mango that Kramer had gotten from his favorite fruit market, he was better in bed with his love interest Karen.

This is a memorable episode as Jerry and Elaine said that they should sleep together again so they can “save the friendship,” and it’s hilarious watching the characters worry so much and become so upset. This is also a good episode for new fans to start with as it explores the Jerry and Elaine relationship, as fans know that they’re not meant to be together, but they do care a lot about each other.

The Pledge Drive (S6, E3)

Mr. Pitt looking serious on Seinfeld

The part of this episode that stands out the most? Elaine’s boss Mr. Pitt ate a Snickers bar using a knife and fork in this season six episode, and people copied him. This is a perfect episode for anyone who hasn’t seen the show, as the Snickers bar storyline is a bit strange and quirky, which sums up much of the plots. It’s also an example of how much the show managed to impact popular culture over the years.

The Little Kicks (S8, E4)

Elaine dancing in an office party in Seinfeld

Many Seinfeld episodes tell Elaine’s stories, and no one can forget about the eighth season entry “The Little Kicks.” When Elaine danced in front of her co-workers, they were totally stunned by her lack of skills, and George and Jerry also chatted about how she wasn’t a good dancer.

Elaine fans love watching her having an amazing time dancing, and new viewers will also appreciate how much she throws herself into the activity. This is a perfect example of how quirky Elaine is and how she does what she wants.

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