Twilight: 10 Reasons Why Alice And Bella Should Have Been Together

Twilight followed Bella throughout her infamous love triangle between Edward and Jacob, but perhaps Alice was the best person for her all along.

Every Twilight fan knows about the ongoing battle for Bella’s love between Edward (a vampire) and Jacob (a werewolf), but they may or may not have considered that Bella might have had a more ideal suitor within the series: Alice Cullen.

From the moment they first met to the time they spent together in New Moon to the countless acts of selflessness Alice performed for Bella, quite a lot of evidence suggests that Bella and Alice could have been the best endgame couple of the saga had things gone a little differently.

Alice Was Always First To Defend Bella

Alice Doing Bella's Makeup in Breaking Dawn Part 1

Bringing Bella into the secretive world of vampires was always up for debate within the Cullen family, but Alice was consistently on her side. No matter the scenario, Alice was quick to defend Bella and was adamant that she was meant to be one of them.

Her insistence that Bella be welcomed and treated with respect was rooted in the visions she had about Bella eventually turning into a vampire. Although it is Edward who ultimately turns her, dedicated Twilight fans know that Alice’s visions can change over time, making it entirely possible for Alice to defend Bella in hopes that they would end up together instead.

They Had Chemistry

Especially when rewatching the Twilight series with the idea that Alice and Bella could end up together in mind, their chemistry is evident. In every interaction, their caring emotion for each other is palpable. Alice is always eager to see Bella, and Bella is always grateful for Alice’s support.

A great example of their chemistry can be seen at the beginning of New Moon when Alice gives Bella a surprise birthday present at school, a dress that Alice asks Bella to wear at her birthday party. Later on at the party, Bella debuts the new dress as Alice holds her hand down the stairs. All of these actions combined seem nothing shy of a typical romantic gesture.

Alice Kept Having Visions Of Bella

Alice having a vision in Breaking Dawn Part 2

Alice’s visions were pivotal to the overarching story of Twilight in many ways. Notably, though, once Bella came into the lives of the Cullens, almost all of Alice’s visions revolved around Bella. When Alice saw Bella jump off a cliff, Alice dropped everything to see if she was OK.

Alice always had a connection to Bella, knowing right from the start that she was meant to be a vampire. Considering that Edward couldn’t get a bead on Bella as hers was the only mind he couldn’t read, it seems apparent that Alice had the stronger ties to Bella all along.

Bella Was Alice’s Character Motivation

Alice and Bella talk on the couch in New Moon

Everything Alice did throughout the Twilight series was for the sake of Bella, like that of a true romantic. Of course, one could argue that since Bella is the main character of the Twilight saga, why wouldn’t everyone’s story arc revolve around her?

Plenty of other characters made decisions throughout the series that were motivated by story elements other than Bella, such as when Charlie starts dating Sue Clearwater or when Jacob turns down becoming Alpha of his pack. In the case of Alice, her choices were always motivated by what was best for Bella, even if that meant disappearing without warning in Breaking Dawn: Part 2. There was nothing Alice wouldn’t do for Bella’s safety.

Neither Love Interest Was As Nice To Bella As Alice

Edward and Jacob in The Twilight Saga

On top of Edward and Bella making fans cringe throughout the Twilight series, the couple started off rocky, and as the series went on, Edward would frequently put Bella’s life at risk. When it comes to Jacob, he was possessive of Bella in a way that was toxic for everyone involved.

Alice, on the other hand, was consistently kind from the start. Alice was even friendly to Bella when Edward wasn’t early on in the first Twilight movie, such as in the scene in which Alice asks Bella to ride on their school bus, but Edward refuses to let her on.

Alice And Charlie Got Along

Family approval isn’t always necessary when it comes to love. That was made clear in Twilight when Charlie didn’t approve of Edward at first. Yet, with Charlie being such a good father to Bella, his blessing could be considered important.

In Eclipse, Alice lies to Charlie with an alibi to keep him out of the loop about the battle between the wolves and the vampires. In this scene, Charlie and Alice laugh together and have friendly banter as they leave the house, which eventually prompts Bella to ask, “You guys are on a first-name basis now?” to which Alice responds, “Mehe likes.” This could heavily suggest that Alice would be the ideal, Charlie-approved love interest for Bella.

Alice Had To Prevent Jasper From Hurting Bella

Jasper and Alice looking serious in Twilight

As the Cullen family’s newest “vegetarian,” i.e., a vampire who drinks only the blood of animals and not the blood of humans, Jasper becomes bloodthirsty upon meeting Bella up close for the first time. Alice has to restrain him a bit, and she makes a promise to prevent anything bad from happening to Bella at the hands of Jasper.

Alice and Jasper are no doubt a fan-favorite couple of the Twilight series, but Alice obviously cared deeply for Bella, so Jasper craving her blood in this way might have realistically been a major red flag for Alice. Plus, some fans would argue that the only reason Jasper and Alice were together was so that she could take care of him, whereas Alice and Bella could be seen to have a more genuine connection.

Their Hugs

Split image: Bella and Alice hugging in two Twilight scenes

Of every duo in the Twilight saga, Bella and Alice shared more hugs than anyone else. It was a signature show of affection for the two, even hugging upon their first real introduction to each other at the Cullen house in the first film.

Bella and Alice hug in just about every Twilight movie, with the exception of Breaking Dawn: Part 2, in which they still shared many intimate moments. While they of course never shared a kiss in the Twilight franchise, their fondness for each other was still evident in their physical contact.

Alice Saved Bella From The Volturi Twice

Demetri holds his hand to Alice Cullen's throat in Twilight: New Moon.

Both times when Bella almost faced death at the hands of the Volturi, Alice saved her. In New Moon, when Aro is about to kill Bella for knowing too much about vampires, Alice convinces him that she will eventually turn, thus making her safe for the community. In Breaking Dawn: Part 2, it is also Alice who prevents the memorable, gut-wrenching, highly fatal fight between the Cullens, the wolves, and the Volturi.

Bella found herself in many high-risk situations throughout the Twilight saga that she survived with the help of many characters, but she avoided the most life-threatening of them all due to Alice’s help. Without her, Bella, along with nearly every other main character, likely wouldn’t have survived.

The Way They Looked At Each Other

Bella and Alice smirk at each other

Audiences watching the Twilight films with an LGBTQ+ lens will surely pick up on the facial expressions that both Bella and Alice make when speaking to each other. Alice almost always looks at Bella with a cherishing smirk, and Bella frequently looks at Alice with a sense of comfort and warmth toward her.

Twilight fans know that Bella’s facial expressions were often awkward and reserved, but when it came to Alice, she could be quite emotive. The characters’ sheer admiration for each other is hard to ignore in every scene they share.

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