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Morgan’s Walking Dead Future Explained: How Fear TWD Sets Him Up For Rick’s Spinoff

Fear The Walking Dead season 8's biggest twist so far left Morgan looking to reunite with The Walking Dead hero Rick Grimes, but will this happen?

Now that Fear The Walking Dead’s Morgan has left the series to find Rick Grimes, the franchise has set up a reunion between the two estranged characters. From the very first episode of The Walking Dead, Morgan and Rick were always cast as opposites. While Rick was a pragmatic survivalist who turned to violence quickly, Morgan became a pacifist who was always looking for a better way to solve their problems. The two men had very different views about life in the post-apocalyptic setting of the franchise, but have developed a strong bond nonetheless.

In both The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead, Morgan and Rick borrowed each other’s approaches and worldviews from time to time. For that reason, it felt fitting that Morgan’s departure from Fear The Walking Dead involved a promise to find Rick Grimes. Making that even more surprising is the fact that Morgan’s search for Rick is happening now, even when FTWD still has six episodes left. Since Morgan is the central protagonist, there was naturally an expectation for him to make it to the series finale. Instead, Morgan left the spinoff at the end of the midseason finale, Fear The Walking Dead season 8, episode 6, “All I See Is Red.”

Morgan Is Looking For Rick In The Walking Dead (Again)

Morgan Jones in Fear the Walking Dead and Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead finale

While Fear The Walking Dead is rapidly running out of time to bring back The Walking Dead characters in season 8, the spinoff just lost its closest connection to its franchise predecessor. After spending most of “All I See Is Red” mowing down walkers and suffering from rage blackouts, Morgan was reunited with Mo and the other characters near the end of the episode. After making a speech at Eastman’s grave, he told Mo that the two of them will be heading off to find Rick Grimes no matter how long it takes him. According to Morgan, he’ll look for Rick whether he’s still in Alexandria or somewhere else. He also left a message for Rick on a walkie-talkie, which could be how the two are eventually able to find each other.

Morgan’s decision is something the show had been building up to for a while. Rick has been surprisingly relevant to FTWD season 8, with Morgan making a number of references to him both in the midseason finale and episodes prior. Morgan and Rick’s The Walking Dead dynamic lasted through many encounters over the years, so it makes sense to see the spinoff emphasize their friendship once again. Morgan went on a long journey to find him once before, and that’s what led him to Alexandria. It’s worth wondering what will come from his next search for Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead universe.

Fear The Walking Dead Already Set Up Morgan In Rick’s Spinoff

Lennie James as Morgan and Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes

Morgan crossing paths with Rick in the character’s upcoming spinoff should not come as a shock. After all, Morgan has history with the villains of Rick and Michonne’s spinoff. The Civil Republic Military showed up in Texas in season 5, with Morgan learning of the organization’s existence. He also saw one of their helicopters in “Skidmark.” That experience would certainly become important again if he learns about Rick’s abduction. If that happens, he can be a formidable – and much-needed ally – to Rick in the fights to come. Unlike Fear The Walking Dead’s disappointing villains PADRE, the Civil Republic Military are a force to be reckoned with. It would take more than even the mighty Rick Grimes to take down one of the franchise’s most resilient villains. However, if Rick and Morgan are reunited, alongside Michonne, they may have a chance.

Wait, Did Morgan Really Just Leave Fear the Walking Dead?

Morgan pointing his staff at Madison in Fear the Walking Dead season 8 episode 1

It seems almost impossible that Morgan is really gone from Fear The Walking Dead season 8, but interviews with star Lennie James confirm that “All I See Is Red” will be the actor’s last appearance in the spinoff. Morgan has been a major part of both Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead since the franchise began, with the character being the first living person Rick meets after waking up from a coma in the first episode. However, Fear The Walking Dead season 8 was right to end Morgan’s role now rather than dragging out his character’s fate or, worse, killing him off for shock value in the series finale.

While Morgan’s early departure might have come as a surprise, his final moments retained the essence of the character’s original appeal and reassured viewers that they hadn’t seen the last of him. This was the best of both worlds, giving Morgan an appropriate sendoff while also opening up the world of The Walking Dead by linking two spinoffs. However, for those who have been around since the first episode of The Walking Dead, it could still sting to see Fear The Walking Dead say goodbye to a series veteran.

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