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‘There’s no monetary gain’: When Cillian Murphy spoke about collaborating with musicians on music videos without expecting return

Did you know that Cillian Murphy once opened up about his musical aspirations and his admiration for a particular song by the band MONEY? Read on to find out what he had to say!


  • Cillian Murphy once spoke about the reasons for his directorial collaboration with MONEY
  • Murphy’s directorial debut was praised for its visually elegant and powerful images

Cillian Murphy, known for his performances in film, television, and theater, once opened up about directing music videos for the band Money. In a chat with USA Today, the Oppenheimer star shared his passion for collaborating with musicians on these projects, emphasizing that his motivation transcended financial gain.

What made Cillian Murphy collaborate with the band, MONEY?

The actor, renowned for his roles in films like Christopher Nolan’s Batman series and Danny Boyle’s sci-fi thriller Sunshine, revealed his foray into music video direction as a way to stay connected with his love for music according to the reports by USA Today.

According to sources, it was Simon Raymonde, the head of the Bella Union label, who convinced Cillian Murphy to collaborate with the band Money and record their music video. Apparently, Raymonde used to send Murphy songs by the band Money, which deeply resonated with him. As mentioned by USA Today, Murphy once stated,  “Simon Raymonde who runs the label [Bella Union] would send me stuff, and this song [“Hold Me Forever”] just really hit me.”

Cillian Murphy

In the music video for the track, Murphy featured dancers from the English National Ballet performing at the iconic Old Vic theater, with Mancunian rock as the backdrop. This unique collaboration across different artistic disciplines showcased Murphy’s versatility beyond his work in the film industry.

Reportedly, during the conversation, Murphy downplayed any financial incentive behind his music video projects. He highlighted the essence of collaboration, explaining that it was about mutual appreciation and a shared passion for creativity. “It’s a way to keep my foot in the door and hang out with musicians. There’s no monetary gain, it’s just, ‘I like what you do and you like what I do – so let’s make something.'”

Cillian Murphy

The Peaky Blinders star, Cillian Murphy’s musical background

Murphy once shared with USA Today his early ambition to pursue a career in music. He mentioned that, like many in the entertainment industry, he initially aspired to be a musician. Before the age of 20, Murphy played in bands, even receiving a record deal offer at one point.

He continued by saying, “Then I discovered theater, and that kind of became more important. But I’ve always had a great love for music; I listen to a lot of it, I play it, I go to a lot of gigs.”

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