Twilight: All the Main Romances From The Series, Ranked

From weird couples like Jacob and Renesmee to endearing ones like Carlisle and Esme, these are all the Twilight couples ranked from worst to best.

With the entire Twilight series making its way to Netflix, the fandom has once again become a topic of conversation all over the internet. This renewed interest has also led to more discussion on the romances in the books, and their nuances, challenges, and issues.

And, while Bella and Edward might end up together with their happy ending, they aren’t the only compelling romantic couple from the books and films. From the most upsetting pairings like Jacob and Renesmee to the best of them all, these are the pairings that fans can’t stop talking about.

Jacob Black And Renesmee Cullen

Given that Jacob was a teenager when he imprinted on Renesmee, fans have always been rather disturbed by the idea of their eventual romance. The entire concept of Twilight’s “imprinting” has many flaws, and in this case, it’s hard for fans to not be creeped out by the implications.

It’s even stranger given the fact that Renesmee ages to adulthood quickly and then ages quite slowly. This makes it seem like Stephenie Meyer just wanted to ensure Jacob had a partner without thinking things through completely.

Leah Clearwater And Sam Uley

Of all the characters in Twilight, Leah might get some of the worst treatment of all. Her fellow pack members resent her because she’s often unpleasant to be around, and it all has to do with her relationship with Sam Uley.

This relationship further illustrates the issues with the concept of imprinting as Leah and Sam were arguably in love only to have that end when Sam imprinted on Emily. This left Leah brokenhearted, and everyone around her seemed to blame her for feeling upset about it.

Jessica Stanley And Mike Newton

Jessica Stanley and Mike Newton at prom from the Twilight Saga.

While Jessica and Mike might both be secondary characters, they do help fill out Bella’s life and experience in Forks. However, they aren’t the best couple and are really just an example of a high school relationship that doesn’t go anywhere.

Mike seems more interested in Bella than in Jessica, and Jessica would rather have been with Edward anyway. The relationship wasn’t very substantial, but it was realistic to many short-lived teenage romances.

Jacob Black And Bella Swan

Bella (Kristen Stewart)and Jacob (Taylor Lautner) look at one another in Eclipse.

While many fans were and still are Team Jacob, these two didn’t really seem right together. Jacob started out as a very lovable and kind character, but he became rather jealous and controlling of Bella as their relationship progressed. While Edward wasn’t always great either, Jacob did a few very bad things that are hard to overlook. Mainly, when he kissed Bella without her consent, and then when he later manipulated her into kissing him again in Eclipse.

The fact that Jacob then eventually imprints on Bella’s daughter makes Bella and Jaco’s relationship even stranger in hindsight. If the story hadn’t turned Jacob into someone difficult to root for, they might have been a better couple. But, this isn’t how the narrative played out.

Bella Swan And Edward Cullen

Edward and Bella stand together in Twilight

Overall, Bella and Edward were the better match compared to Bella and Jacob, but this doesn’t mean they were one of the stronger couples from the franchise either. Fans have to buy the idea that they are soul mates, but their actual interactions often come across as rather shallow.

However, the biggest issue between these two was Edward’s controlling behavior. Many fans and critics alike have pointed out that Edward went too far when he did things like keep Bella from driving her truck or watching her while she slept.

Sam Uley And Emily Young

Sam and Emily looking at one another in The Twilight Saga

Sam and Emily come across as a rather stable couple overall, but there are a couple of things about them that are really hard to ignore. First of all, Sam’s former relationship with Leah makes his relationship with Emily feel almost like an affair. Secondly, Sam’s inability to control his werewolf shifting resulted in Emily getting seriously injured.

While they do seem deeply in love, the element of imprinting leaves fans questioning why Emily feels the same way about Sam and whether or not Emily’s choice is involved in their coupling.

Rosalie Hale And Emmett Cullen

Rosalie and Emmet are one of the more endearing couples from the series, and they are a great example of opposites attracting. While Emmett is rather outgoing and humorous, Rosalie is more reserved and uptight.

However, this balance works for them. Emmett is able to help Rosalie find calm when she’s upset, and they clearly are described as having a lot of physical attraction to one another. There aren’t many red flags between these two and how they treat each other, and they do seem genuinely in love.

Alice Cullen And Jasper Hale

Alice and jasper smile together in breaking dawn

Of all the couples in the series, fans have often been especially drawn to Alice and Jasper. Both of these characters are a bit on the eccentric side, but they seem to complement one another rather well. Alice saved Jasper from a rather traumatic life, and he is the main person who also accepts her oddities.

As far as how they act together, they always treat one other with compassion and respect. Because of this, there’s nothing about their relationship that comes across as unhealthy or negative.

Charlie Swan And Sue Clearwater

Charlie and Sue in Twilight

While Charlie and Sue don’t get together until Breaking Dawn, this pairing made sense for the narrative, and it provided a chance at a new happy beginning for both of these characters. Charlie and Sue had known each other for many years as friends, and after Harry’s tragic death, they were able to find solace and support in one another.

It seemed like a healthy situation for both of them, and the fact that they hosted holidays together as one big happy family is endearing. Viewers were also happy to see fan-favorite Charlie finally get a bit of happiness and love.

Carlisle And Esme Cullen

Carlisle and Esme in The Twilight Saga

Carlisle and Esme are clearly a couple that have worked out perfectly for a long time as their relationship has been going on for decades by the time Bella meets the Cullens. They are together as a team after Carlisle saves both her and Edward.

Given that they both have rather gentle dispositions and like to care for others, they make a perfect pair as the parents to their adopted children. While we don’t really see all that much of Esme in her own scenes, their relationship is a solid one.

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