Seinfeld: Jerry’s 10 Best Projects Since The Show Ended, Ranked According To IMDb

Jerry Seinfeld is best known for the sitcom Seinfeld, but there are some other projects he has done since the show ended.

After creating arguably the greatest sitcom of all time, Jerry Seinfeld can do whatever he wants, and that’s exactly what he does, as he seemingly floats from one random project to another.

On Seinfeld, Jerry was one of the funniest sitcom characters but in reality he was playing an exaggerated version of himself, so everything that he has done since isn’t all that different. Between creating forgotten reality panel shows, writing animated movies, and lending a helping hand to one of HBO’s greatest comedies, Jerry’s post-Seinfeld projects range from hilarious to outright absurd.

The Marriage Ref – 5.0

Larry David, Madonna, and Ricky Gervais are celebrity guests on The Marriage Ref

Though Seinfeld didn’t actually star in or host the reality panel show, he created and produced The Marriage Ref, which saw real-life couples put forward their marital disputes in front of a panel of celebrities. It had an interesting concept, but it was something of a failed experiment. The Marriage Ref was extremely short-lived, as it lasted for just two short seasons and was eventually canceled by NBC due to low ratings and being overwhelmingly negatively received by both critics and viewers.

Bee Movie (2007) – 6.1

Barry and the Pollen Jockeys flying outside

Bee Movie is the only film that the comedian has been heavily involved with, as all the others have been nothing more than cameos. What inspired Seinfeld to work on an animated kids move about bees is a mystery, but he wrote and produced the DreamWorks film, and it had a very mixed reception.

Despite being written by one of the hottest comedians at the time, viewers didn’t exactly enjoy the copious amounts of Bee puns, and it never really takes off. However, its delightfully weird world is still loved by many, and there are actually people who still want a sequel.

23 Hours To Kill (2020) – 6.7

Jerry Seinfeld on stage in 23 Hours to Kill

As Netflix throws money at comedians more than any other type of creative, one other veteran they cornered was Seinfeld. 23 Hours To Kill is the second of two stand-up specials that Seinfeld recorded for Netflix, and while it was praised for being the first special of his that has entirely new material, the bits just aren’t as great as the ones that came years before.

Jerry Before Seinfeld (2017) – 7.0

Jerry Seinfeld on Jerry Before Seinfeld

When it comes to streaming services, Netflix has a niche in two areas. No other streaming platform can match the sheer amount of true crime dramas that the studio produces, and no other service has commissioned the number of stand-up specials that Netflix has either. Though it doesn’t reach the heights of the best Netflix stand-up specials, the first of two specials from the veteran comedian is the superior one. The bits are some of Seinfeld’s best, it just isn’t rated higher because it features the same material that the comedian had been using for years.

Saturday Night Live (1999) – 7.4

Jerry Seinfeld gives an opening monologue on Saturday Night Live

As every episode of Saturday Night Live features a different celebrity guest host, Jerry Seinfeld has been offered the mantle twice. The first time was during the height of Seinfeld’s popularity, and the second one came the year following when the seminal show ended.

The host’s duty on SNL is led with the opening monologue, and in Seinfeld’s monologue, he hilariously explains what he has been doing with his life since the show ended, which is watching TV until 7pm when he goes out to a hotdog cart.

I’m Telling You For The Last Time (1998) – 7.8

Jerry Seinfeld on stage in I’m Telling You For The Last Time

I’m Telling You For The Last Time is the first of very few stand-up specials the comedian ever did after the show ended, and it was recorded for HBO just two months after the Seinfeld finale. Even despite the comedian being criticized for using repeated bits from the show in the special, it’s still one of the most beloved post-Seinfeld projects the comedian has done. The special almost plays like a greatest hits of classic Seinfeld jokes.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction (2018) – 8.0

Jerry Seinfeld sits on stage with David Letterman on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction

Being named after a quote that Seinfeld says on the episode, “You’re David Letterman, You Idiot” is a bonus episode of the first season of Letterman’s Netflix show. Being slightly different to the other episodes, the Seinfeld featuring episode sees the two veterans interviewing each other. It’s one of the highest-rated episodes of the show on IMDb, and that’s mostly due to the fact that the two discuss their relationship throughout decades of late-night TV comedy.

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – 8.1

Steve Martin and Jerry Seinfeld sit in a diner on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is surprisingly the only project of Seinfeld’s that has had longevity like the classic sitcom. It’s pretty self-explanatory, as the show features a different guest comedian each episode, and Seinfeld then selects a car that suits that guest best. They then drive around chatting and trying to top each other’s jokes, eventually arriving at a random coffee shop. It’s easy viewing, as the average length of an episode is around 15 minutes, and it isn’t only comedians who are welcome on the show, as there’s even an episode where Barack Obama is a guest.

Curb Your Enthusiasm – 8.7

The cast of Seinfeld sit around reading the reunion script in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Seinfeld has appeared on his best friend’s show several times throughout its 20+ year run, often giving advice to Larry David, who almost always ignores it. Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of the most acclaimed comedies to come from HBO, and arguably the best season of the irreverent Larry David (co-creator of Seinfeld) helmed show is season 7, in which the two work together to create a Seinfeld reunion show. It sees them locking horns on almost every occasion, and that’s why Jerry is one of the actors fans hope to see in the upcoming season 11 too.

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