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Priyanka Chopra gets ‘iconic’ praises from Miss World Karolina Bielawska

Miss World Karolina Bielawska expresses her desire to work with Priyanka Chopra

Karolina Bielawska, Miss World 2022, during her visit to India shows a lot of appreciation for Indian actors and wishes to work with them – including special mention to Priyanka Chopra.

In an interview with News 18, Bielawska gushed about the Hindi film business and her desire to work there.

The beauty queen lauded famous actors Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan and stated a wish to collaborate with renowned directors Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Sajid Nadiadwala. She also mentioned how she wished to spend more time in Mumbai and be a part of Hindi movies in the future.

Calling it a ‘dream come true’, she went on to acknowledge the works of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and said, “SLB is making incredible movies. The one with Aishwarya (Rai Bachchan). She looks like a princess. I also wish to meet Sajid Nadiadwala. It will be a dream as well to work with him because I do martial arts and boxing and I know he’s making action movies.”

In addition, the pageant holder stated that Priyanka Chopra was her favorite actress, and that she had just recently seen The Sky is Pink.

“She is an icon for me. I love her for so many things. Certainly, of course, she’s Miss World sister but she still works with beauty with purpose…. I believe that you can look up to her and she’s great and a great actor as well”, she said.

Moreover, the Polish model, 24, gives a shout out to former Miss Worlds’ – Priyanka Chopra and Aishwarya Rai – amazing work and shows willingness to hook up with them soon.

Not only that, the model also wanted to pair up with Khan saying, “He is really something.”

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