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Moammar Rana, Nadir Ali Receive Flak For Calling Priyanka Chopra ‘bhayanak, Kala Namak’

Pakistani actor Moammar Rana recently appeared on Nadir Ali's podcast, where he made derogatory remarks about Priyanka Chopra and Ameesha Patel.

Pakistani actor Moammar Rana and YouTube personality and comedian Nadir Ali are facing a massive backlash online for their derogatory remarks about Priyanka Chopra and Ameesha Patel. Recently, Moammar appeared on Nadir’s podcast as a guest, where he revealed that he had a crush on the Dostana actress. He, however, added that it faded when he saw her at an event.

3 things you need to know

  • Moammar Rana made his Bollywood debut with Dobara (2004).
  • During a conversation with Nadir Ali, Moammar called Priyanka ‘bhayanak‘.
  • The actor also made a sly comment about Gadar 2 star Ameesha Patel’s beauty.

When Moammar Rana didn’t recognise Priyanka Chopra

In the clip, Nadir asked Moammar, who looks “bhayanak” (horrible) in the Pakistani film industry. To this, the actor said no one. But, when Nadir asked him if he had seen anyone in Indian cinema who was “bhayanak“, he replied by saying, “This happened to me when I saw Priyanka Chopra.” He added, “I didn’t know, we were sitting at an event. A woman came and sat on the side. We were talking amongst ourselves. I moved forward and backwards, wondering where I should go. After a while, she got up and left. I inquired about who she was.”

Interrupting Moammar, Nadir jokingly inquired, “Maid hai ki kya hai?  (Was she a maid or what).” To which the 49-year-old actor continued to reply with, “My whole crush on her…” and did a facepalm, implying that his crush on the 41-year-old actor faded.

Moammar Priyanka Chopra

(Moammar Rana met Priyanka Chopra at an event | Image: Instagram)

Nadir then compared Priyanka to “Kala Namak (Black Salt)” and added, “To hell with you (Priyanka)”.

Moammar’s inappropriate gesture for Ameesha Patel

During his podcast with Nadir, Moammar made an inappropriate gesture while praising Ameesha Patel for her beauty. Moammar said the Gadar 2 actress was “genuine and khubsoorat (beautiful)”, to which when the host asked if there was anything apart from her facial features that was more beautiful, the Pakistani actor started singing a song Chehra Kya Dekhte Ho, and pointed towards his chest and said, “Do I have to tell you everything?”

Netizens’ reaction to Moammar and Nadir making fun of Priyanka and Ameesha

Nadir Ali’s episode with Moammar has drawn the ire of netizens, who have been slamming both for passing derogatory remarks. An X (formerly known as Twitter) user, wrote, “Nadir Ali & his equally vile guest Moammar Rana made deeply offensive rac1st & elitist comments on Priyanka Chopra comparing her to a ‘maid’ owing to her complexion. Domestic workers are beautiful, Ms. Chopra is an achiever but the minds of these 2 failed men are HORRIBLY UGLY.” Another wrote, “Not a fan of PC but this host legit has no class! The language is just so shameful. “Kala namak” “maid” “Bhayanak” – are you really serious? Plus, a maid is not someone below you, stop addressing it in a derogatory manner!”

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