Twilight: The Characters, Ranked By Power

Based on more than just supernatural abilities, who is the most powerful main character in Twilight?

The Stephanie Myer novel-inspired franchise, Twilight, involves a whole lot of mythology aside from just the characters being vampires and werewolves. Most immortal characters have their own unique supernatural abilities, ranging from mind-reading to seeing different versions of the future. But when it comes to “powers,” the human, vampire, and werewolf characters don’t just have their specific mythical capabilities. Power doesn’t end with fictitious skills.

Social power is a big yet underrated characteristic of each person (or immortal being) in the films. Everyone has an element of power in their nature, and it actually involves their personality traits and overall demeanor. How they carry themselves is where their authority over others, and up against society, lies. What ultimately creates the appearance of power though? Is a vampire more powerful than a werewolf on a social level? In the end, self-esteem and decision-making have a huge impact on how much power someone holds.


Bella driving

Unfortunately, at least for 3/4 of the entire franchise, Bella fans may not be happy to hear this, but she does not have enough self-confidence to be considered powerful. While her low self-esteem may not be her fault, it’s still upsetting for certain viewers to see her say things like “It doesn’t make sense for you to love me. I’m nothing. I’m human,” to Edward. That’s a pretty sad outlook she has on herself as a human.

The small power she has, though, is within her sacrifice. She upholds such a strong level of altruism when it comes to protecting her loved ones.


Close up of Esme in Twilight

Esme is also one of the least powerful characters in the fan-favorite franchise because of her social stature. She doesn’t have a loud enough demeanor to compete with others around her, although this isn’t meant to call her silent, per se. She just doesn’t stand as tall as the rest of her family on a social level.

Her power lies in her caring persona, not just as a mother, but how she was destined to be silently protective, yet consistnetly caring. As the storyline has insinuated, a vampire’s personality derives from their human years. Unfortunately, this trait does not establish her as one of the more authoritative characters.


Close up of Jacob's head and shoulders in Twilight

This one might seem very controversial, but Jacob isn’t as powerful as most of the others for one reason, and that is his impulsiveness. Fans love the easy-going, hilarious Jake, but his quick decision-making ultimately hurts the control he has.

Aside from his obvious physical strength, Jacob’s social behavior isn’t stronger than some of the other characters because of how impulsive he is. When he kisses Bella without her consent, he shows that he doesn’t thoroughly think about his decisions. Still, his humor can sometimes relieve the atmosphere, thereby proving he has a pretty powerful presence in terms of humor.


Twilight's baseball scene with Emmett Cullen played by Kellan Lutz

Although Emmett’s humor, confidence, and physical strength both make him an externally powerful person, he’s contrastingly not that powerful on a social level.

In fact, Emmett is slightly similar to Jacob in one way, which is how Emmett is willing to dive in headfirst into anything without thinking it all the way through. He’s fearless in any battle, which also shows in his conversations with others. However, he basically surrenders to Rosalie’s needs without ever showing opposition. This is therefore where his power weakens because if he follows what Rose wants at home and in public, then what upper hand does he have in any other interaction?


Jasper Hale in Twilight

Many Jasper fans strongly believe his silent, reserved attitude hides a powerful persona underneath. However, in comparison with other characters, Jasper actually is not one of the most socially powerful.

Putting aside his vampire ability to influence others’ moods, the former soldier seems to rely a lot on Alice. Rightfully so (they make a great team), but Jasper’s insecurities seem to be assuaged by Alice’s reassurance of the future. Fans can recall when Bella becomes a vampire and wants to hold Renesmee, Jasper has a difficult time trusting a newborn, due to his past experience raising a newborn army. This is where his outward tough, militaristic power is undermined in comparison to other characters.


Chief Swan is more toward the middle here because of how his life experiences shaped his personality, not only in being the chief of police, but also from Charlie’s social experiences through his divorce and in being a father gave him an advantage. The emotional trauma he has from watching his ex-wife (Renee) leave led Charlie to use that pain to help his daughter.

Charlie’s source of power is thus in his parenting. His comical protectiveness over his daughter is really a sign of strength but his parental care is, simultaneously, a weakness of his. Charlie can take charge over a situation, especially involving law enforcement, but his conversational skills debilitate his overall power, unfortunately.


Alice cullen twilight

The powerful stature that she has does not involve her psychic abilities at all. Alice’s social power derives from her playful yet sly demeanor.

Alice’s confidence establishes the control she has over any given situation. Her ability to take the reins and lead is her true powerful capability. When she chooses to leave the Cullens right before the Volturi come to fight, the entire group rejoices at seeing her because of her significance to them. It’s a significance that she built over time, and is therefore how she creates relationships with people, such as also how wins Charlie’s trust. Alice has an ingrained ability to affect people and an entire room without any mythical power’s influence.


Close up of Edward with red eyes

Edward’s reticence can make it look like he isn’t a powerful social figure in the storyline. However, it’s within his conversations with Bella and other humans where his social strength is revealed.

Edward has a confidence in himself that can hold him above others. His smooth and slick tone of voice influences people, especially humans. But his calm exterior ultimately proves himself to be a “good actor” as he and Bella repeat a few times. Perhaps his power comes from the decades of experiences he’s had, that shaped his calculative yet composed behavior. Ergo, the way he carries himself is his power.


carlisle removing venom twilight

Carlisle’s profession as a doctor, in addition to the lifestyle he established as a vampire, led him to be one of the most powerful characters in the story. Carlisle’s composure tops the others’ through his communication with people.

His assumption of leadership of the Cullen clan isn’t just because he built the family, it’s actually because of what he does to lead them. His unending empathy is how he marks his authority over others around him.


Rosalie stands in the Cullen house in The Twilight Saga

Rosalie is by far the most powerful of them all, and there are multiple reasons why. Despite her acidic exterior, her backstory explains her actions and beliefs.

Rose’s stone-cold behavior is strengthened by her rhetoric. She uses past experiences to advise herself and others, yet she never falters or flinches when she explains her struggles. The assault she faced as a human, the inability to bear children, and the chance to grow older are all aspects she lives with, but she manages to help Bella with Renesmee initially and advises her not to choose immortality. All she wants to do is protect the ones she loves, such as when she, at first, opposes Bella’s presence because of the risk it posed in revealing her family. Although Rosalie is the source of a lot of dissent, like when she basically caused Edward to run to the Volturi, she is still the most powerful out of everyone on a social scale through the manner in which she carries herself.

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