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Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer Teases Maggie’s Death

The latest trailer for The Walking Dead season 11 certainly makes it seem that Lauren Cohan's beloved character Maggie is about to die.

The newest trailer for The Walking Dead season 11 seems to tease the death of Lauren Cohan’s Maggie. It’s already been revealed that the eleventh season will be the last for AMC’s long-running zombie show. And that fact alone assures that some gut-wrenching moments are about to come for the show’s most beloved characters

Of course when it comes to Walking Dead characters few are as popular with fans as Cohan’s Maggie Rhee. She’s been on the show since season 2, and importantly was involved in a relationship with fellow fan favorite Glenn (Steven Yeun), memorably watching her husband die at the hands of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) at the same time she was carrying Glenn’s child. When Cohan exited the show in the middle of season 9, as her character departed with her son Herschel to join a new community, it definitely left a void that was felt by fans. That’s why TWD faithful were so happy to see Maggie return late in season 10, bringing with her some horrifying new villains in The Reapers and a tense new storyline between her and a freed Negan.

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Indeed Maggie figures to be in the center of the action as The Walking Dead returns later in August for season 11. One trailer already showed her wearing a Whisperers mask, which certainly does not bode well. But the latest trailer takes things a step further by seemingly teasing Maggie’s imminent demise. The new clip features very little footage that wasn’t shown before, but it ends with a previously unseen shot of Maggie dangling by her fingertips from some precarious position until she loses her grip. See the clip in the space below:

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The clip of course does not show Maggie actually plummeting to her death but only teases that this might happen. It’s entirely possible that the very next shot after Maggie’s fingers give way will be one of someone grabbing her other arm and preventing her from falling. In other words, this could be a classic TWD bait-and-switch reminiscent of the time Glenn was seemingly about to die before escaping with the help of a magic dumpster (and dubious editing). Of course, given that this is the final season of The Walking Dead, it’s not out of the question that Maggie could actually die. Unlike Carol and Daryl, Maggie does not seem to be in the plans for The Walking Dead universe beyond season 11. There’s no Maggie spinoff in the works that’s been announced, and it’s not been indicated that she’ll appear in the Rick Grimes movie trilogy that’s still coming.

If Maggie does in fact die relatively early in season 11, it will come as a shocking development to fans (and may in fact be the “mind-blowing” twist that was recently teased by Norman Reedus). And if Maggie were to die without gaining vengeance on Negan, that might anger certain fans even more. As of now, it appears Maggie and Negan will make some kind of uneasy peace early in season 11, but that doesn’t mean the peace continues. Indeed, it could even be Negan himself who’s responsible for Maggie’s death. And that would be the ultimate gut-wrenching twist given everything that transpired in the past. The Walking Dead season 11 hits AMC+ on August 15, 2021 and AMC itself on August 22.

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