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All 10 Seasons Of The Walking Dead Streaming Free Ahead Of Final Season

All 10 seasons of AMC's The Walking Dead are now streaming free on numerous platforms ahead of the show's eleventh and final season.

All ten seasons of The Walking Dead will now stream for free ahead of the final season. Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore’s post-apocalyptic comic book series debuted in 2003 and became a TV show on AMC in 2010

Showrunner Frank Darabont guided that momentous first season of The Walking Dead to great success but was ousted by AMC after just one year and later sued the network for unpaid profits (the suit was recently settled). Over the course of its first few grisly and sometimes soapy seasons, TWD garnered a growing audience, eventually becoming the highest-rated scripted series on television. But fan disillusionment set in beginning in season 7 and ratings began to decline. Many of the show’s main characters have exited over the last few seasons, but nevertheless The Walking Dead universe continues spinning out big plans, with multiple spinoffs either already airing or in the works and a trilogy of movies centered on the character of Rick Grimes also still being promised. The upcoming Walking Dead season 11, a super-sized affair at 24 episodes, will be the show’s last.

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The Walking Dead has indeed gone through many ups and downs over the course of its first ten seasons. Fans can now take the roller coaster ride again as all the seasons are being made available for free via multiple streaming platforms. AMC made the announcement via tweet, which can be seen in the space below:

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The list of platforms involved in AMC’s #ReWatchingDead event includes PlutoTV, Samsung TV Plus, VIZIO WatchFree+, IMDb TV, Xumo TV, Plex and Sling TV. The episodes will be available via The Walking Dead Universe or Stories by AMC channels on those services. AMC has of course been deep into hyping the final season of The Walking Dead via their Walking Dead: Origins specials, which trace the journeys of the show’s main characters with help from the actual cast members, who narrate each episode.

Rewatching the first ten seasons of The Walking Dead would indeed be a great way for superfans to roll into season 11 with a lot of momentum. If watching every single episode over again is too much of a chore, fans can always pick and choose their favorites to revisit one more time. TWD can of course be a particularly wrenching show to rewatch given all the shocking character deaths that have happened over the course of its ten seasons. Occasionally though, there are characters fans want to see die, and it can be fun rewatching those moments too. Now TWD fanatics who possess access to one of the available streaming platforms listed above can pick out their favorite poignant or funny or gross moments to relive without having to pay extra. The Walking Dead season 11 hits AMC+ on August 15, 2021 and AMC proper on August 22.

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