Everything to Know About ‘Southern Charm’ Season 9: Why Kathryn Dennis Is Leaving, Where Relationships Stand and More

What is Southern Charm without OG star Kathryn Dennis? Fans are going to find out firsthand when season 9 returns in September 2023.

The Bravo series has seen a lot of casting changes since its 2013 premiere. However, the biggest shake up comes during season 9 after Kathryn announced her departure in January 2023.

The season 8 cast — which consisted of Shep RoseCraig ConoverMadison LeCroyAusten KrollNaomie OlindoLeva BonaparteVenita AspenTaylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers — felt the shift immediately.

“I’m not happy about it, honestly. I think a lot of us are really sad,” Madison confessed during an Amazon Live! broadcast in January 2023. “I mean, do we have a show without her?”

Kathryn is out, but season 9 promises lots of drama thanks to Austen and Taylor’s alleged hookup following their respective splits from Olivia and Shep in 2022 — and that’s just the start.

Scroll down for more season 9 details:

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