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Walking Dead Season 11 Casts 13 Reasons Why’s Josh Hamilton as Lance Hornsby

The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang revealed 13 Reasons Why star Josh Hamilton joins season 11 as the Commonwealth's Lance Hornsby.

The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang announced 13 Reasons Why star Josh Hamilton joins the show in season 11. Hamilton is best known for his role on the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, as Matt Jensen, father to series’ protagonist Clay (Dylan Minnette). He also starred in American Horror Story: Coven as Hank Foxx/Henry Renard. Hamilton’s film appearances include Eighth GradeFalse Positive, and The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

The final chapter of The Walking Dead is set to premiere in August after an almost year-long production delay. However, the show’s massive success with fans has already seen the Walking Dead universe expand beyond the main show with a roster of spin-offs, including Fear the Walking Dead and the ill-received The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Two more shows have also been announced and are currently in production: the anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead and a show following Norman Reedus’ Daryl and Melissa McBride’s Carol. A trilogy of films centered on Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes is also in the works.

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During The Walking Dead Comic-Con@Home panel, showrunner Angela Kang revealed several new casting choices for the final season, including announcing Josh Hamilton as Lance Hornsby.

We’ve got lots of new characters this season but for our comic fans specifically, two of our major castings this year are the wonderful Lila Robins, who will be playing Pamela Milton, and the also wonderful Josh Hamilton, who will be playing Lance Hornsby. And then we also have some other characters of note. Without saying who they are playing, we’ve got the amazing Margot Bingham, and the also amazing Richie Coster. I am really excited for everybody to see what they are doing. Super cool.

Zombies in The Walking Dead Season 11 cropped

The upcoming season will see the top-rated AMC show come to an end after more than a decade. Season 11 adapts issues 175-193 of the Kirkman’s Image comic book series. It follows the survivors as they encounter the Commonwealth, a large community of other survivors spread across various settlements which have developed advanced equipment to combat the zombies. As with most Walking Dead stories, things don’t work out exactly as planned, thanks to undead and living interference.

Hamilton’s character, Lance Hornsby, is a loyal deputy governor of the Commonwealth. Lila Robins plays his boss Pamela Milton, the governor of the Commonwealth community. Joining them as a previously announced new series regular is Michael James Shaw as Commonwealth military leader Mercer. With all these fantastic new casting additions, season 11 sets up The Walking Dead‘s story to end on a high. The Walking Dead season 11 premiers on August 22 on AMC.

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