Twilight: Where The Main Characters Would Take You On Valentine’s Day

The Twilight Saga is heavily steeped in romance. But if you were going on a date with one of the characters for Valentine's Day, where would you go?

Twilight is a series that revolves around romance more than anything else, so while all of the vampire and werewolf elements might be interesting, fans of the series were especially drawn to the different relationships portrayed in the story.

Many fans of the series shipped various characters together and wanted them to end up with one another, but fans also have their favorite characters that they would like to be with if they were real. With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, where would all of the Twilight characters most like to go on a date?

Rosalie Hale: you would have to take her on one

Rosalie in Breaking Dawn looking slightly off camera.

Rosalie is a difficult person to get to know, but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t love those she’s close to. She is protective of Emmett and of her family, but she’s also not someone who is going to worry about impressing.

She knows that she is beautiful, and she would likely want to be wooed, especially since she came from a time when this was more common, so suitors would probably have to be the one to plan a date that she enjoyed.

Edward Cullen: To the meadow

Edward Cullen and Bella end scene of new moon

Edward Cullen is supposed to be this super beautiful and romantic character that Bella can’t get enough of, but he doesn’t always pull out all the stops. He’s more introverted and likes to keep things more private and intimate when he’s with Bella.

He would probably start off the date by playing a beautiful piece on the piano and then run using his vampire speed to the secluded place in the forest.

Jacob Black: Dinner and a movie

Jacob Black starts out being a sweetheart overall, so it’s a shame that he becomes angry and jealous as the books go on. Jacob isn’t necessarily a fancy person, but a date doesn’t have to be over the top to be fun.

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A classic date such as a nice dinner and a movie can be a good time, and this is epically true when first getting to know someone. This way, there isn’t as much pressure to make things super romantic.

Jasper Hale: to look at the sunset quietly

Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Hale Twilight 10th Anniversary

Of all the members of the Cullen family, Jasper might be one of the weirdest and hardest to understand. He’s very quiet and tends to keep to himself, and it’s hard to get a good read on his personality because his power involves feeling and changing others’ emotions.

Fans don’t ever learn much about what his hobbies are, but he seems like the type of person you could just be with and that wouldn’t force conversation.

Leah Clearwater: A hike with a great view

Leah Clearwater in the woods in Twilight

Leah Clearwater is one of the characters from the series who deserved a lot better than what she got. She never really gets a happy ending, and the people around her who should support her, such as other members of the wolf pack, never have her back.

But, she seems like someone who would like to get away from a big group and clear her mind with a hike in the beautiful scenery of Washington.

Alice Cullen: Shopping and a makeover

Alice in Breaking Dawn.

If anyone from the series would be fun to hang out with on a date, it’s Alice. She’s upbeat, quirky, and fun, and she would make sure anyone with her was spoiled.

She also has money to spare, so, if her date was up for it, she wouldn’t mind spending it. She loves shopping and beautiful things, and she would basically buy anyone anything they wanted.

Bella Swan: To the bookstore

Bella Swan driving her truck in New Moon.

While Bella might be the protagonist of the series, she’s also a pretty quiet and subdued person. She wouldn’t really plan some big thing but would instead keep things private. She likes to read, so a simple date to the bookstore followed by coffee or dessert is more her speed.

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While this might not be the most exciting date, it would be a good way to get to know someone or to just hang out with a significant other if you’d been dating for a while.

Emmett Cullen: To a sports game of your choice

Twilight Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen Baseball Scene

Emmett Cullen is the other Cullen family member who likes to have a good time, but his interests are quite different from Alice’s.

He likes to run and hunt and compete, but if his date wasn’t a vampire, too, he would pick something less physical. Emmett is more of the joke of the group, but he would make sure to take a partner to a sport they actually care about.

Charlie Swan: To the bar for a beer

Charlie leans on a doorway frame in Twilight.

Charlie is a very straightforward person, and he’s not fancy at all. While he might not be the king of romance, he is still a compassionate person who would probably support whatever his girlfriend wanted to do.

However, if he planned the outing, his date could expect something like hanging out at a dive bar and playing pool. While it might not be fancy, this kind of thing can be fun.

Carlisle Cullen: a fancy dinner he made for you

Peter Facinelli as Carlisle Cullen

On the other hand, the other father figure from the Twilight series is about as elegant as they come. Carlisle is a rich doctor who has been around for centuries, so he definitely has good taste.

While he can’t eat regular food himself, he would cook a splendid meal that would be one of the best anyone has ever had, and he’d be sure to include all of the ambiance like candles and roses.

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