Twilight: The Male Characters Ranked By Their Romantic Partner Potential

Twilight is a story with romance at its center, so it’s no surprise that many fans are invested in the romantic potential of its characters.

Given that Twilight is a story with romance at its center, it’s no surprise that many fans are invested in the romantic relationships of the characters. Also, some fans also have strong feelings about the characters they would want to date if these characters were real.

There are a lot of attractive, supernatural characters from the saga, but some would make much better romantic partners than others. Also, since Jacob and Edward are both technically teenagers for most of the series, the debate about which of them is better will be left for another day.



Twilight is a series that shows that even villains can have romantic relationships. James is played by Cam Gigadent, so he might be an attractive vampire.

However, he’s also a very terrifying and sadistic one. However, this seemed to work out perfectly for Victoria as she was just as bad as he was. But, for most people, James would be terrible to ever be around.


Aro during the climactic battle in The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

There is something rather appealing about Aro in the way that he is the most like traditional stories of vampires that many people thought of before the Twilight saga came out.

He’s centuries-old, and while he seems calm and cordial, he’s also absolutely scary underneath the facade. So, he would not make a good romantic partner for almost anyone, but he is still interesting to read about and watch.

Sam Uley

Sam and Emily in Twilight Saga

This entry has to be treated with a big caveat. It’s that Sam leaps and bounds better than the other two people already on this list. While the other two are villains, he is not, so the rest of the characters on this list are judged to a higher standard.

With that said, Sam is hard to place because he’s a good parent to Emily, but he also was awful to Leah. While the reason for this is imprinting, it’s still a little messed up. Also, while it might have been an accident, the fact that he’s left Emily scarred up has some troubling implications.

Garrett the nomad


Garrett is a character that isn’t introduced until Break Dawn, but he might have quite an impact on some fans. This is especially the case for people who watched the movies as Garrett is played by actor Lee Pace.

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He’s attractive, charming, and he’s easy to get along with. He becomes Kate’s partner and joins the Denali clan, so he’s definitely not as scary as most other vampires as the Denali clan also doesn’t attack humans.

Harry Clearwater

harry sue clearwater

Harry Clearwater isn’t a character that fans learn much about, but it is still really sad when he dies leaving behind his wife, Sue, and their two children, Leah and Seth.

While fans don’t know all that much about him, he was a beloved friend, father, and husband, so he must have been an all-around stand-up person.

Jasper Hale

Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Hale

Jasper Hale has one of the more complicated parts of any of the Cullen family members. However, when it comes to romantic relationships, he’s a good partner to Alice.

He’s clearly got a lot of trauma and is a bit strange in his way, but if you were able to handle and vibe well with his strangeness, Jasper wouldn’t be a bad partner. He definitely is loyal and willing to grow and learn.

Charlie Swan

Charlie Swan in Twilight

Charlie Swan is overall a good person, and many fans of the series who are now adults have grown to appreciate him a lot. However, he is someone who can be a little stuck in his ways.

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He generally enjoys being alone, but since he did settle down and was a good partner eventually to Sue Clearwater, he could be great in love if you’re the right person for him. Plus, Charlie is caring, protective, and calm to be around.

Emmett Cullen

Twilight's baseball scene with Emmett Cullen played by Kellan Lutz

Emmett Cullen would be one of the best men from the series to date because he’s just a lot of fun and doesn’t let much get to him. While Rosalie is more easily upset, Emmett is supportive without getting too riled up himself. This means he could be a good partner for people with many different personality types because he’s just so go with the flow and relaxed.

He’s also hilarious and likes to have a good time and party, so there’s really not much negative about him.

Billy Black

Billy Black

Billy Black is another character that fans don’t get a ton of scenes about seeing as how the story is focused on the younger characters.

However, as far as being a friend and overall person goes, he’s one of the best. Billy Black is intelligent, protective, and caring, and he does what he can to look out for his family as well as the Quileute Tribe. He’s also an amazing friend to Charlie, and he deserves more love from fans than he sometimes gets.

Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle Cullen

If there’s any character from Twilight that would make the ideal romantic partner, it’s Carlisle. He’s nearly the perfect man as he’s compassionate, wise, handsome, and intelligent.

He’s warm and welcoming to nearly everyone, and he is always around to provide support and help to those he cares about. It’s no wonder that fans have always loved this character.

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