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Walking Dead’s Khary Payton Knows How Season 11 Ends

The Walking Dead stars Khary Payton and Eleanor Matsuura say they've already been told how season 11 ends, and they're happy to keep the secret.

The Walking Dead’s Khary Payton and Eleanor Matsuura say they already know how season 11 ends. The eleventh season of AMC’s zombie drama will literally be its biggest ever, as it’s set to run for 24 episodes spread over three segments

Season 11 will in fact bring a close to The Walking Dead over ten years after it debuted on AMC. Obviously there is a lot of secrecy about what happens in the story, but there are certain to be catastrophic events as new groups are brought into the picture, most prominently the Commonwealth and the Reapers. Fans have already received little tastes of both those new groups throughout recent episodes, but they will both arrive in full force as season 11 gets going. And of course there’s no guessing where things will end up as The Walking Dead embarks on its final run of episodes.

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Fans may still be in the dark when it comes to The Walking Dead’s end game but some of the actors are happy to reveal they’ve already been told exactly how things play out. Speaking to, Ezekiel actor Payton and Yumiko actress Matsuura revealed that showrunner Angela Kang let them in on the secrets of season 11. “I will tell you that they did tell me how this winds up and I am so excited for it,” Payton said, adding “I love that I have that. I love that I have this secret that I can’t tell.”

Eleanor Matsuura as Yumiko and Angel Theory as Kelly in The Walking Dead

Matsuura then confirmed that she’s been told as well, saying “I’m walking around, I’m like, ‘I know how it ends. I have all the information.’” She added, “It’s so fun that you get to revel in it, so let’s have this, guys. I have no qualms with enjoying the fact I know the ending.”

Payton and Matsuura’s characters of course begin the season in the clutches of the Commonwealth after joining Eugene on his ill-fated mission to meet up with the mysterious Stephanie. Matsuura seemingly becomes the focus in season 11’s second episode, “Acheron: Part II,” as the synopsis says “Yumiko challenges the process at the Commonwealth outpost, which threatens her future and that of Eugene, Ezekiel, and Princess.” That line from the episode synopsis in fact marked the first official confirmation from The Walking Dead that the Commonwealth is now in the picture. Ezekiel meanwhile is carrying his own secret in the form of thyroid cancer. It previously seemed like the cancer would certainly kill the former king, but the Commonwealth is a more advanced community and may be able to save him.

It remains to be seen what fates await Ezekiel, Yumiko and the others as they contend with the Commonwealth and their armored warriors. Will this new advanced and highly militarized community prove to be friends or foes? And what about the Reapers, who are still lurking around? And, most importantly, how will everything lead into the eventual Rick Grimes movies, which are “still alive” according to the most recent update from producer Greg Nicotero? Some of TWD‘s actors apparently already know their characters’ fates, but fans will obviously have to wait a long time to find out the answers themselves. The good news is that Kang and company already have the ending mapped out, so there won’t be any scrambling or making things up on the fly as The Walking Dead lurches toward the finish line.

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