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Virat Kohli and Priyanka Chopra Shine on Instagram Rich List 2023

Virat Kohli and Priyanka Chopra, both prominent figures in the realms of cricket and acting respectively, have secured their places on the esteemed Instagram Rich List of 2023. This annual compilation lays bare the financial gains these individuals amass through their activities on the social media behemoth. Notably, this is not their maiden appearance on this prestigious roster, as their names also graced the Instagram Rich List in 2021.

In the latest iteration of the list, Virat Kohli occupies the 14th spot, commanding a substantial following of 255,269,526 on Instagram. For each post shared on the Meta-owned platform, Kohli demands a remarkable $1,384,000. Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra, boasting an impressive follower count of 88,538,623, holds the 29th position, with each of her Instagram posts translating to earnings of $532,000.



The journey from 2021 to 2023 has seen Virat Kohli ascend from his former ranking of 23rd to his current enviable position at 14th. This year, he holds the distinction of being the highest-ranking Indian participant on the Hopper Instagram Rich List. Notably, he garners a significant $680,000 (equivalent to over ₹5 crore) for each promotional post shared on the photo-sharing platform. His prowess was further recognized in 2019 when he clinched the coveted ‘Engaged Account of the Year’ accolade.

Priyanka Chopra’s trajectory mirrors that of Kohli’s in terms of consistency. Having graced the list in 2021, she continues to hold her ground. Notably, her compensation for promotional posts has surged from $403,000 (₹3 crore) in 2021 to the current $532,000. This elevation in her earnings is underscored by her ascent in the rankings, moving from the 27th slot to the 29th. Her dominance was underscored in 2019 when she clinched the title of the richest Indian celebrity on Instagram, coupled with the distinguished honor of being the “Most Followed Account” on the platform.

At the zenith of the Hopper Instagram Rich List 2023 reigns football luminary Cristiano Ronaldo. Boasting an awe-inspiring following of nearly 596,848,846, Ronaldo commands an impressive fee of $3,234,000 for each of his Instagram posts. This marks a considerable leap from his 2021 standing, wherein he amassed $1,604,000 per post.

South American football icon Lionel Messi secures the second position on the list, amassing substantial returns of $2,597,000 per Instagram post. The number of his followers on the platform stands at an impressive 479,268,484, cementing his significant influence in the realm of social media.

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