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What Andrew Lincoln Has Done Since The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln played lead protagonist Rick Grimes for eight seasons of The Walking Dead, and here's what he's gotten up to since leaving.

Andrew Lincoln played lead protagonist Rick Grimes for eight seasons of The Walking Dead, and here’s what he’s gotten up to since leaving. Born in London, Lincoln has been acting on both stage and screen since the mid-1990s, although it’s certainly fair to say that he didn’t gain much fame outside of his native UK until landing the role of Rick on The Walking Dead. A decidedly gruff, American-accented character, Rick was unlike anything Lincoln had played before, but he turned out to be the perfect choice.

For nearly a decade, Lincoln served as the foundation of The Walking Dead‘s large cast, being one of the only constants as more and more major characters met their end at the hands of either zombies or warlords. That is, until Rick was written out of the story in season 9, being taken away on a mysterious helicopter but presumed dead by his friends and loved ones. It was a tough transition to make, but thankfully, the show post-Rick has actually seen reviews get a bit better, although not enough to stave off The Walking Dead ending after season 11.

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While Lincoln has no doubt been contacted by many studios and filmmakers since leaving one of the biggest TV shows ever, he’s not done all that much since, likely enjoying the respite from the daily grind of leading a long-term project. Still, he hasn’t been entirely inactive, and he’s even made sure Walking Dead fans have something to look forward to.

Andrew Lincoln’s first role after leaving The Walking Dead came in the 2020 drama Penguin Bloom, which was based on a book of the same name that was itself based on true events. Of Australian origin, Penguin Bloom was released as a Netflix original in the U.S., where it began streaming on January 27, 2021. The plot concerns a woman named Sam Bloom (Naomi Watts), who finds it hard to adjust to life after a tragic fall leaves her paralyzed, leading to a strain on her relationship with her family. The family finds an unexpected source of healing after adopting and caring for an injured magpie chick they name Penguin. Lincoln plays Sam’s husband Cameron, who wrote the book documenting their journey in real life.

Also in 2020 came a filmed performance of Lincoln starring in a stage version of A Christmas Carol, playing the lead role of Ebenezer Scrooge, the mean old miser who’s visited by three guiding spirits looking to change his ways. As mentioned above, Lincoln has a long history in theater, even if most Walking Dead fans likely aren’t fully aware of it. The play was recorded at London’s legendary theater The Old Vic. Those who need more of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes in their lives can look forward to a planned trilogy of The Walking Dead movies starring the character, the first of which is set to begin filming in 2021 for a likely 2022 release date.

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