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Walking Dead Season 11 Clip Shows Daryl & Dog in an Ominous Underground Tunnel

Daryl and Dog explore a creepy subway tunnel painted with apocalyptic graffiti in a new clip from The Walking Dead season 11.

Daryl and Dog find scary graffiti in a subway tunnel in a new sneak peek clip from The Walking Dead season 11. The eleventh season of AMC’s zombie drama will indeed be the last. But the show is definitely going out with a bang, extending its final season to 24 episodes spread out over three sections.

The first of those three sections is nearly ready to arrive and AMC has been giving fans plenty of teasers to get them ready for the beginning of the end. Recent Walking Dead clips have put a heavy emphasis on the newly-revealed group The Commonwealth and particularly their armored-up military boss Mercer. Season 11 should also delve back into the villainous Reapers, who were briefly introduced in season 10.

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The latest Walking Dead season 11 clip to make its way to the internet is free of spoilery drama but does put two of the show’s most beloved characters in a scary situation. In the clip, best friends Daryl and Dog explore a subway tunnel and find a dead body that has clearly been there for a long time as well as some very spooky and apocalyptic graffiti covering the walls. See the clip in the space below (via The Walking Dead Universe):

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The dead person featured in the clip was apparently in the process of delivering money when the zombie apocalypse descended, leaving them still handcuffed to the briefcase full of cash. This of course could be read as a call-back to The Walking Dead season 1 when Daryl’s brother Merle was left handcuffed to a pipe by Rick and ended up having to hack off his own hand in order to escape. The graffiti found all over the walls by Daryl also suggests that people used the subway tunnel as a refuge at some point after the zombies arrived, though it seems they abandoned the location.

According to a previously released season 11 synopsis Daryl, Maggie and others from Alexandria find themselves taking refuge in this particular subway tunnel after being attacked by walkers while on a food run. The fact that Daryl is off on his own in the clip above should not be surprising as Daryl usually finds a way to go off on his own. Exactly what Daryl is looking for as he explores the tunnels is anyone’s guess, but it’s hard not to be reminded of the lingering mystery of Leah, the Daryl love interest who was revealed during season 10’s extended six-episode run. Leah of course disappeared at the end of their episode, and is still out there somewhere. Indeed, showrunner Angela Kang teased that Leah may soon return so it’s possible this little clip actually leads to that story. It’s also possible that the clip just shows a creepy moment right before Daryl has to fight off some more walkers, as happens all the time on TWDThe Walking Dead season 11 arrives on AMC on August 22, 2021 (but hits AMC+ a week earlier on August 15).

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