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10 TV Shows That Should Get A Feature Length Movie

With the announcement that a Rick and Morty movie is happening, it leaves open the idea of so many other shows possibly getting the same treatment.

With the announcement that a Rick and Morty movie is happening, it leaves open the idea of so many other shows possibly getting the same treatment. Whether it’s adapting an animated Netflix sitcom, reviving a show that ended way too early, or picking up a property that was always better suited as a movie to begin with, there’s so much untapped movie potential with a ton of shows.

In particular, HBO has been known to turn their hit shows in to movies after the series have come to the end of their runs, such as with Sex and the City or Entourage. However, several other shows have this same potential, and it wouldn’t be wise to pass that up.


Gary Walsh and Selina Meyer looking up in VEEP

Veep is essentially the US version of creator Armando Ianucci’s other hit show from across the pond, The Thick of It, which followed political struggles in the UK government. The Thick of It got a movie adaptation titled In The Loop, which is also regarded as one of the best movies of the 2010s.

Veep could follow down the same path, and even though HBO doesn’t exactly have boundaries when it comes to the dialogue, as Veep is full of vulgar insults, a movie adaptation could see the egocentric characters act even more scurrilous. Seeing as how Ianucci’s last movie, The Death of Stalin, was shocking, riveting, and disgusting, a feature length version of Veep, in which Selina Meyer and her squad haphazardly try to tackle a PR nightmare, would be so much fun.

My Name Is Earl

Earl checks his list with Randy and Catalina in My Name Is Earl

My Name Is Earl is one of the best cult shows of the 2000s, as the sitcom sees a hillbilly attempt to right every wrong in his life after he believes he lost $100,000 due to bad karma. The movie wouldn’t be an adaptation of the show or a reboot, but instead a continuation from where the show left off, as My Name Is Earl fans will never get closure for the way it ended.

The sitcom was cancelled after season 4 had finished, and the last episode of the season was left on a huge cliffhanger, as the question of Earl Jr.’s father remains unanswered. And on top of that, Earl never even finished his list. A full season renewal isn’t exactly needed, but a 90 minute to two hour movie could answer all these questions and give every character the send-offs that they deserve.

The Walking Dead

Alpha points weapon at Daryl on a cliff in The Walking Dead

Though The Walking Dead started out great, the general consensus about the show is that it has been steadily declining in quality, which is bound to happen when a show is 10 seasons and 150 episodes in. Still, Frank Darabont – the man who spearheaded the show – is an incredible filmmaker, as he directed The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and one of the best horror movies of the 21st century, The Mist, and he could turn out a great film adaptation.

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Given that he is the person solely to thank for the quality of the early seasons, Darabont should adapt the show in to a cohesive and terrifying two-hour movie. And as there haven’t been any truly great zombie movies in years, there’s no better time to do it than now.

Summer Heights High

Ja’mie and her entourage in Summer Heights High

Summer Heights High is a sketch show and mockumentary based in a school in Sydney, and Chris Lilley plays an array of bemusing characters, but for as amazing as it was, it was fairly short lived. It’s criminally overlooked, as it didn’t find much of an audiences outside of its native Australia or the UK.

Mockumentaries aren’t always the most popular or most successful comedies of all time, but when they’re done right, they’re classics, whether it’s This Is Spinal Tap or BrünoSummer Heights High is the perfect property that would help the mockumentary genre return to form.


Fry plays the Holophonor in Futurama

There was so much incredible world building in Futurama, as the whole futuristic New York was fully developed, and it’s part of what makes it a better sci-fi comedy than Rick and Morty. However, the show was put in a state of limbo after it was cancelled by Fox.

In the time that Futurama was in that limbo, a ton of direct-to-DVD movies were actually produced, but they didn’t exactly have the budget that other movies do, as they were essentially feature length episodes of the show. The world of Futurama has too much depth to simply abandon, and though the show has been left dormant since 2013, in the right hands, a reboot could do wonders for the property.


Jay Baruchel and Charlie Hunnam in Undeclared

Undeclared is a cult classic, as the few who have seen it sing its praises. The show follows a group of college kids trying to understand what they’re doing with their lives while at the same time trying to maintain control of what’s going on around them.

Though the show only ran for one season, it could still make for a great coming-of-age movie, as the show had so much depth compared to every other college comedy that are so surface-level. And though they weren’t movie stars back then, the show featured a soon to be A-list cast, including Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, and Charlie Hunnam, and they could all make cameos given their current stature in Hollywood.

Bojack Horseman

Diane takes BoJack Horseman to rehab

Rick and Morty isn’t the only irreverent animated sitcom to have a movie in development, as Bob’s Burgers: The Movie will be released in the near future too. And that’s opened the door for so many other animated sitcoms that could follow in its wake. There are so many possibilities, but BoJack Horseman is the best candidate.

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As one of the most acclaimed animated shows ever made, BoJack Horseman has all of the staples that makes a great movie, and as the series has ended, it’d be great to eventually see the characters on the big screen. However, given the way the series ended, it’d clearly have to be a prequel.

Flash Forward

The cast of Flash Forward in front of a blurred background

The premise for Flash Forward reads like a fascinating 90s sci-fi movie that they just don’t make anymore. The show sees everyone on Earth lose consciousness for two minutes, and in that two minutes, everybody sees what their lives are like years in to the future. For the most part, Flash Forward failed to deliver on the grand concepts that it set up, and ABC cancelled the show after just one season, but it could work much better as a sci-fi movie.

Lie To Me

Cal wears a pink apron in Lie To Me

Lie to Me is based on the real-life person, Paul Ekman, who can essentially tell when anybody is lying based on micro-expressions, and the show saw Cal Lightman work with the police to bring down criminals. It was a procedural crime drama with a villain-of-the-week type format, but that might not have been the best for the potential that the premise had. Though many think that Lie to Me should be revived for another season, a movie would be much better, as the stakes would higher, and the premise would make for an incredible R-rated thriller.


Barry Berkman on the phone

There hasn’t been a great hitman movie in years, and the last time audiences were treated to one that put a satire spin on it was Grosse Pointe Blank, which was all the way back in 1997. And though Season 3 of Barry is in production, it could still be adapted in to a movie as well.

Barry could be almost like a comedy take on Collateral, as the show sees the titular hitman travel to LA to assassinate a target, but ends up falling in love with acting. He constantly struggles between his engagements in the criminal underworld and wanting to be a movie star. It’s a genius premise that would make for a great movie along the lines of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and it has Shane Black’s name written all over it.

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