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Rick & Negan Both Swing Lucille in Walking Dead Season 7 Set Video

Behind-the-scenes video from The Walking Dead season 7 shows Rick and Negan actors getting in their swings on director Greg Nicotero with Lucille.

Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln and Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan take turns hitting director Greg Nicotero with Lucille in fun new behind-the-scenes video from The Walking Dead season 7. It was the worst of times for the main characters of AMC’s hit zombie drama when at the end of season 6 they first encountered Saviors leader Negan and his barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat Lucille.

The Walking Dead season 6 indeed ended on a stunning cliffhanger as fans were left in the lurch wondering which of their favorite characters had been dispatched by Negan’s climactic bat swings. After an agonizing wait, the season 7 premiere revealed that Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) had both been dispatched in the most savage fashion imaginable by the show’s new big bad. The brutal end of these beloved characters famously led to such fan outrage that many actually jumped ship, resulting in a ratings sag that soon dropped The Walking Dead from its perch as the highest-rated scripted show on TV.

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The murders of Glenn and Abraham may have shocked viewers into quitting the show but apparently the mood on-set during the shooting of those fateful events was anything but somber. The Walking Dead executive producer and episode director Nicotero showed just how much fun cast and crew actually had filming the brutal season 7 premiere with a set video in which actors Lincoln and Morgan take turns hitting him with Lucille. See the clip in the space below:

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Of course neither Lincoln nor Morgan really hit Nicotero in the footage. Instead, they lightly tap him on the head with prop bats while blood bags attached to the bats explode (Lincoln hits him so softly it takes him two tries to break the blood bag). This apparently was all to demonstrate to the actors that the use of the blood-loaded bats was entirely safe. Both Lincoln and Morgan seem to enjoy pretend-killing Nicotero, who high-fives and hugs both actors at the end of the demonstration.

The jocular mood of this behind-the-scenes clip is of course in stark contrast to the tone of the finished episode, which is without doubt one of the most brutal The Walking Dead ever aired. The real novelty of the clip is of course seeing hero Rick Grimes swinging villain Negan’s signature weapon, the infamous Lucille. A lot has obviously happened since season 7 premiered, and Lincoln is indeed no longer even on the show, though Morgan continues to play Negan (though he’s a much more sympathetic character now, thanks in large part to season 10’s origin episode about the real Lucille). It remains to be seen if Rick and Negan will ever come face-to-face again, but anything seems possible as The Walking Dead heads into its epic final season, with a Rick Grimes movie also on the horizon.

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