Which Seinfeld Character Is Your Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Jerry and the gang don't have much luck in love on Seinfeld. But maybe if these sitcom characters dated based on star signs, they'd find their person.

The main characters on Seinfeld don’t have an easy time finding love. They go on dates all the time and they’re always meeting new people, but whether they’re afraid to settle down or can’t get over one weird thing that someone does, they find themselves single again in no time. If dating is tough for people IRL, it’s even worse for Jerry Seinfeld and his pals, who get upset about such little things — or nothing at all.

The Seinfeld gang is often dumping people and it doesn’t always make sense why these romances don’t work out. Every zodiac sign will find a true soulmate in the major characters on this popular sitcom.

Aries: Leo

Uncle Leo From Seinfeld

Uncle Leo (Len Lesser) will be every Aries sign’s soulmate. Aries signs get fired up about things that they love, and they can be moody as well.

Leo cares about a lot of little things that don’t really matter, and he’s constantly annoying Jerry as he’s one of Jerry’s family members who gets a lot of screen time. Aries signs will appreciate that Leo has strong opinions and feelings.

Taurus: Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld talking on the phone on Seinfeld

Taurus signs are famous for having an overly stubborn personality, and they will get along well with Jerry Seinfeld.

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While Jerry can be stubborn himself, he’s pretty easily influenced. If someone really wants to do something, he’ll eventually agree just so they’ll stop talking to him about it as he gets annoyed easily. This will be music to a Taurus’ ears.

Gemini: Helen Seinfeld

Helen Seinfeld on Seinfeld

Sometimes mothers on sitcoms are over-the-top and funny, but Jerry’s mom Helen Seinfeld (Liz Sheridan) is pretty tame.

She often seems like she’s not sure if she’s happy or not, and Gemini signs, who like to get to know new people and who get super bored easily, will find her interesting. Geminis are friendly but can get upset about things, and Helen is like this too. Sometimes when she stays with Jerry she insists that the conditions are fine, but she often seems like she’s not pleased.

Cancer: Morty Seinfeld

Morty talking on the phone in his kitchen on Seinfeld

Morty Seinfeld (Barney Martin) is a pretty passionate guy. He doesn’t just accept things that happen to him and he never found something that he couldn’t complain about.

Cancer signs are sensitive, love a cozy home, and don’t tell people too much about themselves. They will love Morty because doesn’t ask for much; he just wants to be happy and have things go his way. Morty likes sticking close to home in Florida and Cancers will relate to this.

Leo: George Costanza

George's monologue in Seinfeld

Leos will love George Costanza (Jason Alexander), as they’re much louder and more confident and aggressive than he is.

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This sign needs to be with someone who is the opposite of them and who doesn’t steal the spotlight. George tries to make everyone whom he dates happy and often fades into the background, and while that’s not necessarily a good or healthy thing, it’s something that Leos will like.

Virgo: Elaine Benes

Elaine with her mouth open in shock in Seinfeld

Virgos will find their soulmate in Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) as they will relate to how much she cares about every little thing in her life.

Elaine can be a little much sometimes, but that’s why fans love her. She’s funny, sweet, and seems smarter than the other characters, which is something that this zodiac sign will appreciate.

Libra: Kenny Bania

Kenny Bania talking to Jerry in Seinfeld

Jerry can’t deal with the comedian Kenny Bania (Steve Hytner) as he’s not very good, but he gets roped into buying him a meal. He thinks he’s done his duty when he buys him soup but Kenny famously says, “Soup is not a meal.”

Libras will think that it’s totally unfair that Jerry was trying to get away with something and they will agree with Bania that he needs a full, proper lunch or dinner. Libras want justice, after all, so they will be on his side. Bania is a perfect match for Libras.

Scorpio: Cosmo Kramer

Kramer in Jerry's apartment on Seinfeld

Kramer (Michael Richards) is the soulmate of any Scorpio sign, as it doesn’t get more passionate than this character.

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Kramer has a million business ideas running through his head at any given moment, which might not always make fans happy. But he does have a lot of enthusiasm for life, and it’s nice to see someone who isn’t afraid to try new things. Scorpios are fiery and will think that Kramer is a barrel of laughs.

Sagittarius: Newman

Wayne Knight’s Seinfeld mailman character Newman is a perfect fit for any Sagittarius.

These zodiac signs don’t want to settle down or do anything dull and boring. They want to have a great time and do the unexpected. They will like Newman’s choice of career as it gives him a lot of free time, and since he’s often scheming and up to no good, they will find him fascinating and a lot of fun.

Capricorn: Susan Ross

jason alexander

Elaine and Jerry mess up a lot, which is why they seem better off as friends, but Susan Ross (Heidi Swedberg) is doing her best to settle down. She figures that of course George will marry her since, after all, they’re engaged. Viewers aren’t so sure as it’s clear that George doesn’t want to be tied down (and everyone knows what happened next).

Capricorns will find a soulmate in Susan, who wants to a long-term partner and a traditional marriage.

Aquarius: J. Peterman

Peterman holding a cup of coffee on Seinfeld

John O’Hurley played J. Peterman, Elaine’s mysterious and hilarious boss. Seinfeld is one sitcom that deals with the gang’s careers and a lot of screentime is given to this character.

Aquarius signs will find their soulmate in Peterman, who shares interesting stories but is definitely an enigma. Sometimes he acts quiet and shy, and other times, he’s bold and confident. They will like that he has so many different sides to him as they experience these changing moods, too.

Pisces: Estelle Costanza

Estelle at home on Seinfeld

George’s mom Estelle Costanza (Estelle Harris) may be incredibly loud, perhaps too passionate, and she might always seem like she’s one second away from a breakdown… but she’s funny and a little bit charming.

Pisces will relate to the many emotions that she has and find that she’s definitely their soulmate. This sign would love the chance to talk to her about how she’s feeling.

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