Twilight: Edward Cullen’s Worst Mistakes That Changed Everything

While Twilight's Edward isn't a bad person, he does make some mistakes throughout the series that have impacts on himself and the plot.

With the release of Edward Cullen and the resurgence of the Twilight fandom, known as the Twilight renaissance, many people are thinking once again about the character. Edward is a character that is easy to critique because he has a lot of character flaws and also portrays some behaviors that are unhealthy in a romantic relationship.

While he’s not necessarily a bad person, he does make some mistakes throughout the series that have impacts on himself, his relationships, and the plot of the story overall. Here are the worst choices he made that changed things.

Having so much self-loathing

Edward Cullen is convinced that being a vampire means that he is damned because he no longer has a soul. While the books don’t necessarily get much into how religious Edward might have been, he seems to have some hang-ups related to souls and afterlives.

While it does make some sense that he doesn’t want to be a monster, his self-loathing keeps him from living a fulfilling life and connecting with others fully.

Waiting so long to turn Bella into a vampire

Edward cullen bella swan twilight

When Edward and Bella fall in love and start dating, Bella wants to become a vampire the right way. While Edward is right to tell her to take time to make the decision, he’s wrong to try and make it for her.

Also, just on a safety level, Bella is at risk of injury and death all the time by not being a vampire but being around them. If he would have turned her sooner, she wouldn’t have been in so many life-threatening situations.

Dating Bella in the first place

While refusing to turn Bella into a vampire for too long was a mistake, the fact that Edward dated Bella at all was a mistake in and of itself. He was definitely breaking the rules of being a vampire as set down by Volruti, and it was just impractical to date her without the intent of turning her.

While he supposedly fell for her hard and fast, it can still be seen as a mistake.

Not checking up on Bella in New Moon

Bella looking depressed in New Moon

Edward might have thought that breaking up with Bella was the best way to keep her safe as he saw that dating her in the first place might have been the wrong choice. However, he should have known that Bella would take this decision hard especially given the sudden absence of the entire Cullen family.

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Bella might have taken things extremely emotional, but Edward should have at least had someone in his family check on her and her mental health. It was also somewhat cruel for him to make his family promise to never contact her, too, as many of them, like Alice, cared about Bella a lot.

Continually staying as a high schooler

This decision isn’t Edward’s alone as it seems like a joint choice the Cullen family makes together, but it is really strange that the Cullen kids, who don’t even look all that young, spend most of their time in high school.

They could more easily live their lives as college-aged students and then young adults. They definitely brought attention to themselves because of this even if no one could put their finger on exactly why.

Not supporting Bella’s decision to have Renesmee

Edward Cullen

When Edward and Bella learn that Bella is somehow pregnant, it’s extremely shocking, and it’s clear early on that Bella’s health and life is at risk.

While it’s understandable that Edward would feel guilty and be worried about Bella, it was still her choice to have the baby or not. He took way too long to actually support her, and this just caused more stress for Bella during this time.

Keeping Bella from seeing Jacob

Bella, Jacob and Edward in Twilight

The love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob could definitely be frustrating to read about and watch, and all three of these characters made some pretty poor decisions because of these entanglements. For Edward’s part, he was way too controlling of whether Bella could see Jacob or not.

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By trying to keep Bella from Jacob, even going so far as to break her truck so she couldn’t leave, he just worsened the drama between the three of them. He also was being pretty abusive at this moment.

Becoming a vigilante vampire

Edward was turned into a vampire by Carlisle when he was dying of the Spanish Flu, so he spent most of his life with Carlisle and being a vampire who didn’t eat humans.

However, he had a rebellious stage where he did kill humans, and while he used his mind-reading ability to only kill bad guys, this was still a misguided attempt that impacted many lives and also made him hate himself even more.

How he broke up with Bella

Edward’s decision to break up with Bella in New Moon might have been made with the best of intentions to protect Bella, but he did so in a very misguided way.

Edward left Bella in a cruel way that made her feel like he didn’t care about her at all. Then, he made his entire family leave with no more contact which clearly left Bella lacking much of a support system.

Trying to get the Volturi to kill him

Edward is prone to being overly dramatic and making choices without thinking them through. When he believes that Bella has died, he decides to figure out a way to end his own life.

He doesn’t even really confirm for sure if it’s Bella that’s dead. He goes to the Volturi and concocts a plan to get them to kill him. While, of course, Bella saves him, this decision means the Volturi are aware of Bella and lead to a lot of stressful situations in the future.

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