Seinfeld Adventure is a Bizarrely Accurate Game Based on the TV Show

Indie developer Jacob Janerka and animator Ivan Dixon pitch their idea for a classic point and click adventure game based on the 90s sitcom Seinfeld.

A pair of known figures in the fields of independent game development and animation want to make a point-and-click adventure title based on a property no one was expecting: SeinfeldThe influential 90’s-era sit-com is still regarded by many as one of the greatest TV shows of all time, but very rarely has it been considered as material for video games, a medium that often favors punches over punchlines.

Independent game developer Jacob Janerka and animator Ivan Dixon wish to change that with their newest project, however. Gamers might recognize Janerka for single-handedly making the 2017 adventure game Paradigm, while Dixon created fan-based, pixelated versions of the intros to such shows as The SimpsonsAdventure Time, and Rick And Morty – as well as animating the music video to Childish Gambino’s “Feels Like Summer” and promotional shorts for Fallout 76 and Game Of Thrones.

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Now, the pair have joined forces to create a point-and-click adventure game based on Jerry Seinfeld’s fabled show about nothing titled Seinfeld Adventure, having posted a video pitch for the hypothetical project on YouTube, in addition to a Seinfeld game webpage. The mock trailer for this unofficial Seinfeld adventure game features pixelated artwork in the style of classic LucasArts titles. It puts players in the roles of Jerry, George and Elaine (but not Kramer, because no one controls Kramer) as they go about their daily routines of getting into petty squabbles with neighbors like Newman, dumping beautiful women regularly and always choosing the “Lie” dialog option during conversations. You can check out the video below:

Several off-beat, retro-style games based on unlikely movies, TV shows, and even public figures have been suggested or even fully realized in recent months. Back in February, Penny Pixels created a parody video re-imagining last winter’s dark, Oscar-winning comic book origin film Joker as an 80’s style adventure game as part of their Fictional Bad Games series. Meanwhile, Dutch-born game designer Eniko developed a free to play, Super Mario World-inspired platformer based off of Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders last month as a way to educate gamers on the Vermont Senator’s platforms.

While the idea of a Seinfeld-based video game might turn a few heads, Jacob Janerka and Ivan Dixon make an amusing case for a classic, LucasArts-style point and click adventure centered around Jerry and the gang, certainly aided by their pitch video being genuinely funny and accurate to the show. While the project itself might not come to fruition due to legal issues, fans will still be able to have a chuckle at what could have been with the unofficial game Seinfeld Adventure.

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