Seinfeld: 10 Funniest Cosmo Kramer Memes That Make Us Cry-Laugh

Seinfeld may be over, but that doesn't mean we have to stop laughing at Kramer. Especially with all the memes that surround his character.

Cosmo Kramer is the character who breathes life into Seinfeld. He’s funny, astute, caring, and maybe a little eccentric. Well, a lot eccentric. Think about it, his first name is Cosmo. The man with such a name should capable of wild things. The serial moocher, the one with ‘The Assman’ number plate, pals with Newman, broccoli lover, hipster doofus are some things Kramer is associated with.

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If they gave an award for top eccentric sitcom characters, Cosmo would make it to the top of the list. Today, the character of Cosmo Kramer is about to get memed-on!

The Moocher-Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

‘It’s free real estate’ originated from the comedy sketch Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! In this meme, the phrase has a literal meaning. Kramer is always mooching off of Jerry, for food, meat, phone, spatulas. There came a point in the show when Kramer shifted to Jerry’s apartment in order to escape the red lights.

Jerry’s apartment quite literally is Kramer’s free personal estate. He can enter whenever he likes with whomever he wishes. He has the key to his place, but often breaks the covenant of keys. With or without Jerry’s consent.

In My Face

This meme suggests Metal vocalists are quite like Kramer. Which in fact is true. Metal artists are characterized by raging vocals and screams. They don’t just scream, but they sing along with screaming. This meme is from “The Big Salad” wherein Kramer is worked up about a golf game with Steve Gendason.

On the 15th hole, Kramer penalized him a stroke. The two almost came to blows. Kramer’s narration of the whole story is almost like a metal vocalist shouting in Jerry’s face.

Bad Chicken-Mess You Up!

Do you want to write a review? Kramer’s banner is the way to go about it. The meme is referenced from “The Chicken Roaster.” Kenny Rogers’ Roasters sets up a chicken place right across the street from Kramer’s place. The restaurants’ chicken sign reflects menacing red light into Kramer’s apartment. Kramer strives to drive the place out of business by yelling out his window.

“Hey, stay away from the chicken, bad chicken, mess you up.”

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And that ladies and gentlemen is how you review bad restaurants on Yelp!

Been Eyeing A Piece?

This hilarious meme hit right in the feels!

Elaine comes to Jerry’s holding a squire’s walking stick. She had to write about it for the catalog. Kramer gets to keep the stick. At the same time, Kramer also owns the spectacular technicolor dream coat. Kramer puts on this coat, picks up a woman’s hat blown off by the wind. He has the stick, the hat, and the coat.

Kramer struts down the street to some funky music. His gait is too accurate for those who proudly wear a jacket fished out of a sale bin.

Thanksgiving Kramer Turkey


The most iconic meme from Seinfeld is that of Kramer turkey!

In “The Butter Shave” Kramer borrows a stick of butter from Jerry to butter his face. Butter is vastly superior to any commercial shaving cream. The natural emollients keep his skin silky smooth. Next thing you know, he’s using butter all over his body. He falls asleep in the sun and his body begins to cook.

Because Newman is reading Alive– a cannibalism themed story, he finds Kramer’s buttered body somewhat delectable. He runs to Monk’s where he visualizes Kramer’s head on a turkey.

Wifi Drop Kramer

How could the wifi bar drops memes not include Cosmo Kramer? The meme parodies the difference between an HD streaming video and a bad video. The wifi drop is responsible for the same. Examine Kramer in the meme above. With the wifi bar drop, his face changes from charming to horrible! This meme resonates with those who have been victimized by the slow speed of the internet.

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The meme is an ode to the slow internet via Kramer’s face.

Kramer-The Guard


This meme is derived from “The Soup Nazi.” Elaine leaves Kramer to guard her armoire that she’s just bought. She’s not allowed to move the armoire in her home by the building supervisor. The rules don’t allow moving on Sundays. So Kramer sits by the sidewalk to watch the armoire.

As he sits there, minding his own two street thugs eye the armoire. Poor Kramer makes the face as if the love of his life is being ogled at! Eventually, they threaten him and steal the armoire.

Fourth of July!

This meme is reflective of the fourth of July spirit! It’s the day when people set off fireworks in the U.S as a mark of their independence celebration.

In the episode, Puerto Rican Day Parade takes place alongside the Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Kramer lights his cigar with a sparkler. While talking to an angry driver, he burns the Puerto Rican flag in the process. How so? He tosses the sparkler in the convertible with the flag. Just as the two are beginning to light up, he notices the smoke coming from the flag. Ooh! !Dios Mio!

Fried Kramer

A grown man, willingly buttering and roasting himself on a roof has to be done.

This meme highlights the plea of boys who are facing girl trouble. It’s from the episode “The Butter Shave.” Kramer uses butter all over his body, to make his skin great again! He sits in the sun, falls asleep and fries himself. When Jerry discovers him, Kramer looks like a perfectly done steak. He asks Jerry to pierce a fork in him.

The phrase is also used when someone is tired of the state they are in. This meme speaks for those who are done with girl trouble.

2020- The Year Of Vacation

In the episode “The Strike” audiences are told Frank Costanza invented a holiday- The Festivus. This is a family holiday in which the members have gathered around. Frank tells them all the ways they have disappointed him over the past year.

The holiday scratches Kramer right where he itches. And like that, The Festivus is back! Kramer keeps yelling the quote throughout the episode. Mostly when uninvited people find the ones they are looking for it tends to be at Contanza’s place.

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