Twilight: 5 Most Satisfying Character Endings

Some characters in the Twilight saga had very satisfying and fitting endings... Other characters deserved more.

The Twilight series came to an end back in 2012, and fans are still torn about the ending. The characters each saw their own path laid bare before them as the outcome decided their fate. Some fans were on board with their endings, while others wish something else could have happened

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The debate varies depending upon who is asked, but there is a general consensus on which ones were the most and least satisfying to endure. A few found their own happy endings, while others deserved to undergo more pain and suffering.

Most: Charlie Swan

Charlie Swan

Charlie Swan’s life was pretty dull before Bella moved in with him, but his ending is one of the best in the series. He ended up with a granddaughter who he loves dearly and spends as much time with as possible. This character even found love in the end as he formed a romantic relationship with Sue Clearwater, who makes sure he is well cared for while Bella lives her own independent life.

Least: Jessica Stanley

Jessica and Bella walking next to each other in New Moon

Jessica Stanley was more focused on increasing her own popularity than her friendship with Bella Swan. Fans hated her more and more as the series went on and making her a successful valedictorian of the class just didn’t sit well with fans. It grew even worse when she attended Bella’s wedding and made snarky comments about everything instead of celebrating her friend’s big day. This was one character who deserved a worse ending than simply disappearing to California after high school.

Most: Garrett


Garrett was a nomadic vampire who never thought he would be tied down until the Cullen’s plight changed his mind. He met a vegetarian vampire named Kate, and he fell hard for her as they grew closer through their time spent together helping the Cullen family. The end of the series showed him joining the Denali coven so he could spend an eternity with the woman he loved.

Least: Jane

Jane was a member of the Volturi with a gift that could inflict severe pain through the manipulation of a victim’s mind. She uses this power on Edward, which automatically had fans hating her from this moment onward.

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The series should have ended with her death, but instead, she was able to walk away from the confrontation unscathed. Fans were disappointed as she was left to continually wreak havoc on the world instead of being shredded and burned as they would have liked.

Most: Edward Cullen


Edward faced a lot of hardship in his life as he was forced to watch as his parents died from the Spanish Influenza at a young age. He was a loner until Bella came along, but with her, it seemed that only more trouble would ensue. The ending for him was perfect as he was now able to spend eternity with the love of his life and his daughter as the biggest hurdles they had to jump had passed them by.

Least: Leah Clearwater

Leah Clearwater in the woods in Twilight

Leah Clearwater was dealt a poor hand of cards as she was the only female wolf, had to listen to the thoughts of her ex-boyfriend, and faced the death of her father. She had a rough go of things and was seen as bitter because of it, but she had good reason to be when all of these things were added together. The ending didn’t do her justice as she lived the confrontation and went home to die another day, although, she never received the happy ending that fans were hoping for.

Most: Bella Swan

Bella and Edward standing in the snow in Twilight.

Bella Swan was thrown in a heap of trouble the moment she stepped foot in Forks and caught the attention of Edward Cullen. Fans were upset when Edward left her, but their feelings were vanquished when this couple reunited and ended up having a child.

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The ending was satisfying for fans as Bella Swan was given what she wanted, which was to be turned into a vampire. She also was accepted into a family and had a daughter who she could spend her days caring for as she watched her thrive without the threat of the Volturi.

Least: Irina

Irina might have taken her knowledge of the Cullen’s baby to the Volturi, but she did try to reverse her statement. A lot of her anger came from her resentment of the Cullens after the wolves killed Laurent, who happened to be her lover. She ended up dying at the hands of the Volturi after admitting her mistake and taking responsibility for the misunderstanding, which wasn’t what she deserved after making amends.

Most: Renesmee

mackenzie foy Renesmee Twilight Breaking Dawn

Renesmee was the daughter of Edward and Bella who the Volturi wanted to be killed as they believed her to be an immortal child. The ending for her was better than fans could have imagined, especially since so many believed she would suffer an ill fate at the hands of the Volturi. Jacob also imprinted on her, which was strange, but it also ensured her safety as she had both vampires and the pack looking after her well-being.

Least: Jacob Black

Twilight Taylor Lautner Jacob Black

Jacob Black was in love with Bella Swan for the majority of the series as he went to great lengths to win her heart. Fans hated his ending as he imprinted upon her newborn daughter, solidifying their eternal bond as he eventually will attempt to pursue her romantically. It was weird on so many levels which is what made it one ending that fans wish they could have changed.

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