10 Of The Best Seinfeld Tattoos

Seinfeld is a show with a ton of devoted fans. Some people love it so much, that they get quotes, characters, and other references in tattoo form!

There are two things that many people enjoy: Seinfeld and tattoos. Sometimes, these interests combine, interlink and form something wonderful… ink inspired by this hit comedy series!

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A tat shows off a passion, introduces people to new things and celebrates something specific. That being said, one based on or centered around a series full of such iconic and classic humor seems perfect! The 10 tattoos below feature Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine Benes, George Costanza, Cosmo Kramer, Newman, quotes, objects and moments from this show that help make it so legendary. Enjoy… and keep them in mind for the next time a trip to the tattoo parlor comes about in life!

A Show About Nothing

This show is known as a show about nothing, since it focuses on everyday scenarios. It comes out in such a funny way, though! So one of the best ones to honor Seinfeld would be ink like this.

It has this description of the show written out, and it has doodle-like images of the four main characters, Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer. It is simple yet effective, with a silly feel to it that works well, as it is inspired by one of the greatest comedy shows of all time.

Elaine’s Dance

Elaine is known for many things: Her no-nonsense attitude, her blazers, her sarcasm and her dancing. This fan decided to focus on this leading lady in particular, with a series of illustrations that show off this character’s moves!

Not everyone would get what this ink was referencing, but those who do should probably move up to BFF status.

Wise Words

George may not be the sharpest tool in the shed or the coolest guy in the world, but he helped make this show a success. From his outfits to his personality, this character created so many hilarious scenes. Once, he spoke these wise words: “It’s not a lie if you believe it”.

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The script on this tat is big and bold, and in the middle of the words, an outline of George’s face is seen, complete with his glasses and hairline. What a fun way to celebrate this guy!

Like A Portrait

Kramer is another big part of this television series, and when some people picture this character, they picture that portrait of him. Well, this ink mimics that. Just look at that detail!

The Average Joe would never ever want to have this character permanently put onto his body, but a superfan of this show… one who appreciates Kramer in all his glory… one who has a great sense of humor… That person may find this to be oh-so perfect.

The Mail

Now, we can’t forget about Newman. This supporting character is one of the most infamous neighbors out there, and it is easy to hear Jerry saying his name in disgust.

Newman is also a mailman, so some fan decided to celebrate that aspect of the show with this tattoo! And it is true: The mail never stops, thanks to workers like this man. Remember that next time he pops up on the screen.

The Shirt

Even those who have not seen every episode of Seinfeld know about the puffy shirt; Jerry wore it and looked like a pirate, and here it is, in permanent ink!

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Imagine seeing this in real life, on someone who is very into this series. Imagine complimenting them on this unique and exquisite piece of art. And imagine starting up a conversation about other wonderfully funny moments from this series. It could happen, thanks to tats like the ones on this list.

The Sea

Only viewers who really, really, really know this series will understand this artwork; it says that the sea was angry that day, which George said once, while telling some crazy story. It involved a great beast, a tidal wave and pulling something out of a blowhole (a Titleist, of course).

On its own, this tattoo is very pretty, with its script and the waves and its colors. For a fan of this show, though, it is absolutely beautiful!

No Soup For You

Many out there also know about this man, who did not just give soup out to anyone and everyone. Would everyone like this ink? Would just anyone get this on their bodies?

Would every single person know what this was referencing? No, no, no. But true fans would get it, and huge fans would even consider getting something similar for themselves, in order to honor one of the most iconic episodes.


This is a PEZ dispenser. A PEZ is a little piece of candy. This one is themed around Tweety, a yellow canary who is from Looney Tunes. Upon first glance, this could seem like an average object that could be found in grocery stores, antique stores and/or dollar stores.

To a Seinfeld fan, though, this is so much more. To a Seinfeld fan, this little guys conjures up memories of another classic episode, starring Jerry Seinfeld himself, in all his glory.

Gang’s All Here

Last but not least, there is one more piece of art that showcases the main characters from this TV show. This features outlines of their heads, with Jerry’s hair, George’s lack of, Kramer’s messy mop and Elaine’s longer locks.

It is also outlined in a cool way, to make it pop even more. And isn’t that what this series deserves… even more attention and celebration? We think so! So if anyone is looking to get some fresh ink, why not consider the ones on this list or at least one original one that is inspired by and based on this show… one of the best comedy series of all time!

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