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Walking Dead Season 10 Cast Reveal What It’s Like To Film During A Pandemic In Exclusive Video

Exclusive: A new teaser for final episodes of The Walking Dead season 10 offers a peek at what it was like to shoot during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Walking Dead season 10 cast shares what it’s like to film a TV show during a pandemic in a new video. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Walking Dead‘s tenth season has taken on a rather unconventional structure. First, the season finale was delayed by several months, leaving fans to wonder what would happen in the climactic battle of the Whisperer War. It finally premiered in October, and San Diego Comic-Con brought the news that The Walking Dead season 10 would receive 6 more episodes before moving onto the final season.

To help bridge the gap between seasons 10 and 11, the newest episodes of The Walking Dead will center on various characters and partnerships in the aftermath of the Whisperer War. The biggest thing on fans’ minds going into this stretch is the long-awaited reunion between Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). As Negan killed Maggie’s husband Glenn (Steven Yeun), it will almost certainly be a contentious moment. Additionally, one episode will pull back the curtain on Negan’s backstory, and it sounds like more groundwork will be laid for the upcoming Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) spin-off.

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It’s a strange season, to be sure, and its production felt rather strange too. At least, that’s how it seems in this new Walking Dead video, given exclusively to Screen Rant. The clip features several cast members as they recall the odd feelings that came from filming new episodes amid a pandemic. It was a brand new experience for everyone involved. “Lot of masks, lot of helmets,” recalled Cooper Andrews. Don’t worry, though, there’s also plenty of BTS footage from the upcoming installments, including new peeks at Maggie’s return. Check it out below.

In order to work safely amid the pandemic, film and television productions had to adopt numerous COVID safety protocols, and several are on display in the above clip. Face shields and gloves are now standard practice, and, as Khary Payton lamented, there’s no hugging anymore. Nevertheless, The Walking Dead was clearly able to complete their additional season 10 episodes without much fuss, and they will begin airing very soon. AMC+ will debut the first episode of the extended 10th season on Sunday, February 21 – one week ahead of its linear premiere on Sunday, February 28 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

Unfortunately for the cast, The Walking Dead season 11 probably looks like much of the same. Production on the zombie show’s last season began just last week, and those COVID protocols are almost certainly still in place. Plot details for season 11 are still being kept under wraps and likely won’t become clearer until the last 6 episodes of season 10 roll out. One thing seems certain though: Fans should expect the unexpected.

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