Twilight Saga: 10 Memes That Will Make Devoted Fans Nostalgic

The Twilight Saga has always had some die hard fans. Though the series is over, maybe some of these memes will bring up some nostalgia.

The Twilight Saga captured fans in an incredibly real way. The series, based on the books written by Stephanie Meyers, caused fans of the series to pick their favorite characters, heavily invest themselves in the romance of the novels, and find themselves maybe wishing they were vampires.

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This series made waves as books and quickly became even more popular with the movie adaptations, and the many sequels that came from them. The story of the Cullens and Bella Swan was loved by so many. Keep reading to see 1o memes that will make devoted fans especially nostalgic!

Irina Snitching

This hilarious meme explains Irina telling the Volturi about Renesmee perfectly. The situation in which Irina saw Renesmee, and believed she was an immortal child created by Edward and Bella, was incredibly important to the movies. In the series, this moment was taken seriously, and in fact, is what caused the iconic fake-fight scene in the second Breaking Dawn film. Although Edward and Bella were obviously found not-guilty of creating an immortal child, Irina was eventually killed by the Volturi for giving them false information. The whole situation was extremely intense, and this funny meme captures that.

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob

All die-hard Twilight fans know how intense their love for Edward Cullen or Jacob Black could get. All fans had their own ideas about who was a better match for Bella Swan. Jacob, a werewolf, could hurt Bella by changing form, but Edward, a vampire, could hurt Bella if he couldn’t resist the urge to kill her. Both of the leading men in this series were loved by fans, and devoted fans who had a hard time deciding which boy’s team they were on can definitely relate to this meme.

The Cullens Are Avengers

Every fan of Twilight knows how powerful the Cullen clan is. With each family member possessing a different strength, like Edward’s mind-reading and Alice’s predictions of the future, every fan was a bit envious they weren’t a part of this group of impressive vampires. This meme with a photo of the group and text reading, “I’m telling my kids this was The Avengers,” circled around the internet for good reason. This hilarious meme compares this family of immortals to The Avengers, and the photo used honestly helps the cause. The meme is too funny, and fans will definitely appreciate the humor behind the comparison.

Werewolf And Vampire Rivalry

This hilarious meme depicts the intense rivalry between the werewolves and the vampires in the beginning of the Twilight series. One of the most iconic and memorable moments from the first movie in the series was the moment that viewers realized there was some sort of bad blood between Billy Black and Edward Cullen. The film showed Billy Black and Edward Cullen passing each other while driving on the street, clearly staring each other down. This meme wraps that scene up in such a laughable way. Devoted Twilight fans will definitely find this one amusing.

Unconditionally And Irrevocably In Love

Perhaps one of the most memorable quotes from the entire Twilight series was from something Bella said. When Bella talks about Edward Cullen, she eventually states that she is in love with him, in a way that devoted fans could never forget. The iconic line is loved by devoted fans.

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Bella states she is “unconditionally and irrevocably in love” with Edward, and fans that loved the couple together and were “Team Edward” definitely found themselves swooning at the phrasing of her confession of love in the movie. This funny meme describes that moment and brings humor to it.

Twilight’s Soundtrack

Every devoted fan of Twilight knows that the soundtrack is a big reason for their obsession. The movies each have incredibly curated soundtracks that completely fit the tone of the dark and mysterious films. Many of the scenes in Twilight have become associated with certain songs, like the baseball scene in the first movie and Super Massive Black Hole by Muse, which has been connected since the film was released. This meme points out devoted fan’s connections with the soundtrack to these movies, and any dedicated fan can definitely relate.

Rosalie And Bella’s Tension

The scene in the first film where Bella goes to the Cullen’s house for the first time is a scene that devoted fans of the series know all too well. The Cullen family, knowing Bella is a human who eats, decides to make her Italian food. However, Bella, knowing the Cullen’s are vampires who don’t eat, made sure to eat before visiting their home. Rosalie, who was already skeptical of the idea of Bella and Edward together, was incredibly upset, breaking a glass bowl and making a scene.

Jessica’s Sass

Jessica was definitely an interesting character, and her commentary, while often rude, catered to what a lot of viewers were probably thinking. This character, although a friend to Bella, was always discreetly judging her decisions, and made fans skeptical about her. One of her funniest moments though, was when Bella first saw the Cullen’s and asked Jessica about them. Jessica proceeded to tell Bella not to bother getting to know them and informed her of the drama associated with the adopted children of Doctor Cullen. This meme captures the essence of that scene perfectly, especially Jessica’s signature sass.

Bella’s Blood

Another iconic scene from the first Twilight movie is when Bella walked into the science classroom that Edward was sitting in. Her hair blew a whiff of her scent from a fan in the classroom towards Edward, and his urge to kill her was incredibly strong, causing him to look deeply pained and incredibly uncomfortable. This funny meme displays that moment in the film perfectly, and hilariously. That first moment in the science classroom is really where it all started for the relationship between Bella and Edward, and it is forever etched in fan’s minds.

Edward’s Almost-Death

Perhaps one of the most intense moments in the entire Twilight series was when Edward mistakenly thought that Bella had died after jumping off of a cliff. As it turned out, she was jumping for fun, and was completely safe and alive. However, Edward believed her to be dead and set out on a mission to end his immortal life. Bella was then forced to head to Italy and try to save him, which she eventually succeeded in doing. This moment was insane and fans can definitely relate to the intensity this film showed.

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