Twilight: 10 Facts About Edward They Leave Out In The Movies

Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen from Twilight became a vampire icon — but Edward was actually pretty different in the books.

We all know about the feud that began when the Twilight saga was turned into a movie series: Those who read the books vs. those who tuned in for just the movies. While there is a rare bunch that will argue that the movies were okay in regard to the books, most will point out crucial points that the movies just didn’t hit. One character, in particular, is Edward Cullen — someone the book fans were mildly disappointed in.

It’s true that the books portray him in somewhat of different light and, dare we say it, with a more serious tone than the shimmering, flawless vampire seen in the movies. While Robert Pattinson played a promising and intoxicating role, the Edward that book fans know simply wasn’t the same person.

There will always be changes when a book must be translated into a movie but that doesn’t mean we forget the original story. Here are ten things that differed between the on-screen Edward everyone seems to know, and the in-book Edward that true fans remember.

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Edward Touches Bella Far Less In The Book Series

Bella and Edward almost kissing in Twilight.

While this does change later on in the books, initially, Edward keeps his distance from Isabella Swan. This is seen in the first Twilight movie but it’s almost comical, as the audience knows without a doubt what Edward truly is. In the books, readers had to wait a bit longer to figure out what type of ‘monster’ he was, whereas the movie gives that away fairly quickly. All we knew from the books was that this guy was dodgy, a bit sketchy, and insanely attractive. Other than that, he was practically a mystery due to how much of a distance he kept from Bella.

The Undeniable Connection Edward Feels For Bella Is Conveyed Much More In The Books

Edward Cullen in Twilight meadow

This was a common gripe about the movies. While it was enchanting for fans to see their favorite book series come to life in front of their eyes, there was no denying that the ‘love’ between Edward and Bella was sped up and almost hard to believe. For some reason, books are able to convey emotions far better than two actors with a limited script. This was most definitely the case, since, in the books, Bella has an internal monologue and there are so many chapters that fill in the blanks about Edward’s true feelings.

In The Book, Edward Is The One Who’s Concerned About His Family’s Secret

Rather than his adopted siblings being the ones who are concerned (especially Rosalie), Edward is actually the one who brings up how much ‘trouble’ it would be for his family if the world found out about what they really are.

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Additionally, Alice is the one who has some snide comments, unlike the movies, which make Rosalie out to be Bella’s frenemy. Edward’s dedication to his family is displayed in the movies, as well, but many times he’s seen choosing Bella over them. Initially, it’s the other way around.

Edward’s Personal Aesthetic Is A Bit Darker Than In The Movie

Bella, Renesmee, and Edward standing outside in Twilight

As far as personal taste goes, the Cullen’s house is certainly not new and modern in the book saga. Rather, their house is old and somewhat antique, echoing what many would expect for a family of vampires. In addition to this architectural change, Edward’s room is not as open and airy as it is in the movies (which Bella comments on); rather, his room is much darker and shaded, seeming to block out much of the natural light that filters through in the movies.

Initially, Edward Isn’t As Open About Being A Vampire As He Is In The Movies

While fans got to find out the Cullen’s big secret fairly quickly in the movies, fans who read the books were forced to wait a bit longer. In the books, Edward conveys just how dire it is that their secret is left alone, as they would be in some serious danger were it to ever get out. Rather than protecting her from the truth, it’s more that he protects him and his family with a false cover. There is a point in the book series where he comes clean about what it’s like to be a vampire — a scene that was, of course, omitted from the first movie.

The Lines Edward Uses In The Books Are Much More Poetic And Old-World

In the book, Edward uses lines such as, ‘I feel like I’ve left my whole heart with you’ (something he does not say in the movies).

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Bella even comments on the fact that he talks as though he’s not of this time which is hinted at in the latter half of the movie saga, but not as obvious as it is in the books. Edward is viewed as a reserved yet mysterious character, someone who Bella is intrigued by yet doesn’t fully understand. When they have conversations, it’s obvious that he is an ‘old soul’, so to speak.

In The Books, His Ability Allows Him To See What Other People’s Gifts Are

The Cullens sit together in the cafeteria in Twilight.

The major giveaway for this is when Edward tells Bella that Jasper can manipulate people’s emotions. This does not happen in the movie, in fact, there’s very little known about Jasper until the Breaking Dawn movies.

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In the books, his ability is quite well-honed and seemingly stronger than it is in the movies. Obviously, the movies don’t allow for much to go into depth about what Edward can do and, outside of the first Twilight movie, it’s rarely mentioned — just implied.

Edward Stalks Bella Quite A Bit In The Books

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in Twilight

Two scenes that were fairly important in the books were those in which Edward is ‘spying’ on Bella in gym class, and when she faints at the sight of blood during the high school blood drive. Neither of these things is mentioned or nodded to in the movies. However, it’s through these scenes in the first book that we realize just how much of a distance Edward keeps, rather than in the movie, where he tries to stay away for a limited time before giving up. While their otherworldly romance is quick in the movies, it made much more sense in written form.

He’s Also Portrayed As Being Far More Incapable Of Handling His Strength Around Her

Edward tells Bella multiple times in the books that he can’t control himself around her. While this is something that the movie also portrays, these scenes are not as fleshed out as they are in the novels. Edward is made out to be almost frustrated and flustered when it comes to being so close to Bella, something the movie skips over quite a bit. His strength is something that he loses sight of, which is why he keeps such a big distance between them at first.

Edward’s Size And Height Are Very Different From The Average Size The Movie Implies

In the books, all of the Cullens are well over six-feet tall. While there is a point in time in Breaking Dawn: Part I when Bella’s friends allude to the Cullen family being ‘obviously’ related, their height and size don’t factor in. In the books, each vampire towers over an average person, speaking to their strength and the fact that they stand out far more than they do in the movies. Edward is among the tallest with Alice being the shortest, something which is also not conveyed fully in the movies, as many of the characters are the same height.

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