Twilight: 10 Bella And Edward Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

Ah, Twilight logic... who doesn't enjoy having a good laugh at the expense of Edward, Bella, and the Twilight Saga?

At one point in time, Bella and Edward were the “it” couple, despite their fictional status. He was the “dangerous” lion who fell in love with the innocent little lamb. Back in the day when the Twilight saga was at its peak, you either loved the vampire romance or despised it. Although the series was categorized as a romance, a good chunk of people considered the Twilight saga to be an unintentional comedy for all the ages. There were some moments in the Twilight movies that were so unintentionally funny that they created a whole whirlpool of hilarious memes in honor of these moments. Check out our list below of the 10 funniest Bella and Edward memes that will make you feel like it’s 2008 all over again! (Let us blast Paramore really quickly to fully appreciate the mood.)

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We all recall that classic moment in cinema history when Edward finally revealed “the truth” to Bella. The terrifying, heart-stopping, cold-sweated truth of Edward Cullen’s deepest darkest secret that ultimately classified him as a danger to mankind. What was this despicable secret you ask? Oh, it’s just that he was sparkly.

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(Let’s all take a brief pause to contain ourselves from the unimaginable terror of a sparkling vampire.) Jeez, Steph Meyer. You could put Stephen King out of work with your level of horror-writing skills! Bella is in serious danger, you guys. His sparkle could get on her clothes or something, and we wouldn’t want that.


Isn’t it utterly romantic that this was Eddy boy’s response to seeing B. Swan for the first time? He looks so immensely captivated and love-struck, doesn’t he?

This is the face we all make when we realize we kept our leftover Chipotle burrito in the fridge for too long and now it’s rotting to the core. The fact that this is supposed to be a love story sets off to a bad start because no woman ever wants to see her man look at her with such blatant disgust. He’s looking at Bella as though she just bathed in a pile of garbage. Poor Bella!


Let’s be honest here. Us ladies would be calling the police if we found out some 100-year-old dude in a trench coat has been watching us sleep for the better half of a month without our knowledge or consent. Replace “Bella’s Lullaby” with the theme from “Psycho” in the films and it would fit perfectly with any given scene between Eddy and B.Swan. It would make a much better film if it was organized in reverse and Bella managed to escape a creepy vampire who became utterly fixated on her. Now that’s a series we’d totally dig!


We wouldn’t exactly call the Twilight saga empowering. This is especially due to the fact that the two main characters in the series are extremely co-dependent and at the end of the day are an abysmal couple. Edward has proven time and time again to be a controlling and possessive boyfriend and Bella seems to classify this behavior as protective and romantic.

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Newsflash: It isn’t. Buffy The Vampire Slayer, on the other hand, has built a world of strong and independent characters who are capable of fighting their own battles, yet still find the time at the end of the day to have a snuggle fest. That’s relationship goals if we’ve ever seen ’em.



This is how Twilight would have gone if Bella Swan was a sane human being. The majority of Edward’s actions are creepy enough to make Slender Man seem like a fairy princess in comparison. This is one terrifying dude and we would’ve had so much more love and respect for Bella if she had this reaction instead. That would certainly be a movie worth watching!

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Note to Edward: Crawling through a girl’s window and watching her sleep is not romantic, bro. Instead of Bella waking up to you with adoration, she will most likely wake up to the sight of you while reaching for a lamp to chuck your way. Just a tip! Take it or leave it.


Edward is shameless when it comes to his affection towards Bella whenever he’s in the presence of the werewolf boy. It’s like he gets a kick out of watching Jacob Black suffer. To Edward, it’s all one big entertaining game, yet to Jacob, his heart is slowly breaking piece by piece. If only Adele’s music was as popular back in the Twilight days because then Jacob would have some awesome songs about heartbreak to jam out to while attempting to get over Bella. Yet somehow the fact that Jacob is that attractive and can get any girl he’d like makes it seem highly unbelievable that he would cling to Bella after all that time despite the fact that she’s madly in love with his sworn enemy. So he’ll just marry her daughter instead. *Barfs.*


It has been over a decade since the first Twilight movie was released in theaters, and we are still cringing at the “You better hold on tight Spider Monkey” line. Is Edward supposed to think that the term is endearing? Romantic? Cute? Is that his 2008 equivalent to “Shawty”? It’s an interesting choice of a pet name that most of us would find colossally degrading in every way. Yet Bella seems to be chill with it, so at least there’s that. Most of us are well aware of the fact that nobody despises Twilight as much as Robert Pattinson himself, so that makes the fact that he said this line with a straight face even nobler.


It is always stressful in fiction when a character uses their immortality for frivolous causes. Sure, love is what makes the world go round, it’s what makes the birds sing, but c’ mon Eddy. You’ve had over a century to do something meaningful in this world, something that we mortals could never be capable of. The fact that Edward hasn’t done a whole lot of good since his 100+ years on earth makes him a rather unlikable bloke if you want to know our opinion on the matter. How selfish could you get? (Further proof that Bella should’ve ended up with Mike Newton and just call it a day.)


Dramatic much, Bella? They’re like that annoying couple in high school that’d always be making out in front of your locker. They’d always be posting novel-sized Facebook/Instagram posts about their significant other despite the fact that it annoyed the hell out of everyone else. Relationships can be beautiful and supportive, but Bella and Edward are just obsessed with each other. That’s not love, guys. It’s an unhealthy fixation. The phrase “Still a better love story than Twilight” can apply to pretty much any relationship that doesn’t involve Bella Swan or Edward Cullen.

Harry and Ron seem to agree with us.


Why couldn’t Bella have any actual character development? What would be so wrong with making her a remotely interesting person? Bella Swan might as well be replaced with a paper cut out doll due to her total lack of spark and personality. We guess Edward stole all her spark with that sparkly skin of his. People argue that the only reason Edward can’t read Bella’s mind is because she has nothing going on inside that noggin of hers!

That’s all for this list. What’s your favorite Twilight meme?

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