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Peaky Blinders Characters, Ranked From Least To Most Likely To Win The Hunger Games

The Peaky Blinders would probably all be pretty good if they their name was pulled and they had to participate in The Hunger Games.

Peaky Blinders is one of the most critically-acclaimed and popular British shows out there, and there’s a never a dull moment throughout this crime drama series. This family gang and all their rivals are certainly not to be messed with, and they’d probably all be pretty good if they their name was pulled and they had to participate in The Hunger Games.

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From Polly to Finn to Lizzie, it’s time to see which of these tributes would have the best chance at winning the games. By order of the Peaky Blinders, only one can survive.

Least Likely: Finn Shelby

Peaky Blinders Finn

Finn has a big mouth, but he rarely ever walks the walk. He would likely approach the games like District 2’s Cato, except he isn’t as strong or big as him. He’d be out for blood, but he’d be in over his head.

Finn thinks he’s pretty great, but his arrogance isn’t always in reflection of his true character. Finn would go in hard and get sniped with an arrow, and fans wouldn’t care because they didn’t like him much, to begin with.

Isaiah Jesus

Peaky Blinders Isaiah

Fans don’t really get to know a ton about Isaiah, but they can probably assume that he’d at least do better than Finn. He has the same strength, but Isaiah is slightly more patient and observant.

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Plus, he’s loyal and determined, and could create a strong partnership to get him further in the game. Isaiah could stand a fighting chance.

Lizzie Stark

Peaky Blinders Lizzie

Lizzie isn’t exactly trained in combat or weaponry, but there’s something about her intelligence that would get her far in the game. She’d probably be like Katniss, and wield a bow and try to stay alive.

In a game against other characters from the show, she probably wouldn’t win, but she’d be a fan favorite that gave it her all and defied the odds.

Aberama Gold

Peaky Blinders Aberama Gold

Aberama Gold is an incredibly interesting character, and fans know that he’s willing to go in hard and fight for his life. Unfortunately, this man also takes things a bit personally – and this would likely get the best of him.

Aberama is skilled in fighting and using weapons, and he also has a good head on his shoulders. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the strength or the patience to make it that far in the games.

John Shelby

Peaky Blinders John

Much like his brother, Finn, John would probably go in too hard too fast. However, he has a bit more patience and intelligence than his younger brother. For that reason alone, he’d evade death for a little while.

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John is courageous, and he also brings a strength that not many people have. He’d stand on the ridge-line and shoot his opponents with no problem. Of course, somehow would outsmart him and his boldness.

Polly Shelby

Peaky Blinders Polly

In the real world, Polly is probably one of the worst characters who no one would ever cross or try to get the best of; she can be vindictive and evil. However, if she was enlisted in the games, she might find herself relying on her wits.

This would get her far, but she might lose out on a hand-to-hand combat. She could get a few sneaky kills with a dagger or poison, but she also probably wouldn’t come out on top.

Michael Gray

Peaky Blinders Michael

Michael is probably one of the smartest characters on the series. He knows his strengths, and he knows when to strike. He’d be like a snake in the grass that no tribute would see coming – before it was too late.

Again, this character’s pride and selfishness would likely get the best of him. So while he’d do well, he probably wouldn’t come out the winner.

Arthur Shelby

Peaky Blinders Arthur

Fans aren’t really sure whether or not Arthur actually feels pain, and that makes him a pretty great contender for the games. He’s one of the most terrifying there is, and he’d go in guns blazing.

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He has no fear and no remorse, making him one of the most brutal contestants to be entering the arena. In all honesty, it would do him well, but he might just get out-witted.

Alfie Solomons

Peaky Blinders Alfie

Regardless if he was limping with a cane or not, there’s probably no doubt in any fan’s mind that Alfie would do well in the games. He’s one tough cookie, and he’s terrifying in all senses of the word.

He’s smart, patience, cruel, and skilled. He has all the tools to get him to the end, and he isn’t plagued by hubris or impatience. He knows when to strike, and he’d be a force to be reckoned with.

Most Likely: Thomas Shelby

Peaky Blinders Tommy

It should be no surprise to any fan of this show to find Thomas Shelby at the top of this list. Regardless what anyone brings to the arena, Tommy would find a way to win. He always finds weaknesses and loopholes.

Beyond that, he’s as smart as they come, but he’s also incredible with weapons and can more than hold his own in a hand-to-hand fight. Thomas would sneakily make his way to the top – and come out the victor.

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