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Peaky Blinders: The Main Characters Ranked By Kill Count

Peaky Blinders follows the crime family led by Thomas Shelby, and each member of their gang has accrued quite a few kills under their belts.

Peaky Blinders is a show that promises the audience drama and thrill. Based in post-first World War industrial Birmingham, Peaky Blinders has captured the hearts of audiences through its characters and the familial bond of the Shelby Family. The Peaky Blinders are best known as the gang with razor blades in their caps, fearlessly led by Thomas Shelby.

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However, throughout the five seasons, there have been notorious crimes committed by the Shelby family and their gang, some of whom have racked up a pretty serious kill count. Therefore, here are the main characters from Peaky Blinders ranked by kill count.

Finn Shelby

An image of Finn looking serious in Peaky Blinders

Finn Shelby is the youngest of the Shelby boys. Being part of the next generation, Finn never fought in the war alongside his brothers. As a result, in season 5 episode 1, he can be seen trying to prove his worth as a Peaky Blinder, not following Thomas’s orders to stay clear of violence. It is worth noting that Finn has always known what it meant to be a Shelby and a Peaky Blinder, however, being watched and protected by his siblings, he currently has no kill count. Although, this may change as the show progresses.

Michael Gray

Michael was introduced in season 2 as Polly’s long-lost son. Since his introduction, he has taken over Shelby Company Limited’s legal affairs and has extended his business in America being a logical character. Being the next generation of the Shelby clan trained by Thomas, Michael is aware of the family’s violence, however, he remains outside of Peaky Blinder affairs. Although, as of season 3 episode 6, Michael’s kill count remains 1.

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In the episode, Michael shares his experiences as a child, revealing Father Hughes, who while in the power of the church, abused children; as a result, Michael kills Father Hughes to avenge the children he abused. Although a kill count of 1 is low for the show, this is expected to change in season 6 as he may choose to plot against Thomas and older Peaky Blinders members.

Polly Gray

Polly Gray is the mother figure for the Shelby boys. Polly is the treasurer of Shelby Company Limited and therefore acts as a female leader alongside Thomas Shelby while being the Shelby sibling’s aunt. Over the seasons, she has proved to be devoted to her family by doing anything for their safety and taking the lead when need be. Polly’s kill count is currently 1 as far as audiences have seen, however, it can only be expected she’s killed more in the past in order to protect her family.  Her kill can be accounted for when she kills Inspector Campbell in season 2 episode 6, in order to regain her self-worth and pride.

Alfie Solomons

Alfie Solomons is the leader of a Jewish gang based in Campden Town, London. He is a respected businessman and can be described as the master of negotiation as despite betraying the Peaky Blinders numerous times, Alfie has cheated death. Although fans expected Alfie had been murdered by Thomas Shelby in season 4 episode 6, he makes a comeback at the end of season 5, helping Thomas in his plot to assassinate Oswald.

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Being the leader of a gang Alfie’s kill count is expected to be high. The audience hasn’t seen Alfie kill, however, he is guilty of the killings his gang members have committed. For example, in season 2 episode 5, Alfie’s men kill a Peaky Blinder in the process of betraying Thomas Shelby.

John Shelby

joe cole as john shelby in peaky blinders in a cap with a gun on his shoulders

John Shelby was loved by Peaky Blinders fans for his humor and bravery, ending the war between the Lees and Shelby’s through marriage. Alongside his brother, Arthur was a soldier in the war and this earned him his stride to be a proud Peaky Blinder being side by side with his brothers. However, John was murdered by the Changretta Family as collateral damage in season 4 episode 1. Regardless, he remains a fan favorite while still having a kill count worth taking note of. During his time on the show, John was at times violent and reckless, hence his rank based on kill count.

Arthur Shelby

Arthur is most recognized for his anger and dedication to get work done. Best known for his iconic chanting of “The Peaky F*cking Blinders”, Arthur Shelby has proved time and time again he is willing to do anything for the gang. A soldier during the first world war, Arthur knows the ins and outs of war which has come helpful as he can be found leading most of the Peaky Blinders’ violent endeavors.

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His most recognized kill can be seen in season 2 episode 3 where he loses control, beating a Sabini gang member to death. As a result of his violent side, pride in his role in the Peaky Blinders, and as a soldier, Arthur’s kill count is definitely on the high side.

Thomas Shelby

Thomas Shelby is the leader of the Peaky Blinders. As a war veteran and with a great reputation for defeating rival gangs in the name of his family, he can easily be awarded the highest kill count in the show. After the war, even though he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, he recognized the importance of consolidating and holding power in his community. However, in order to achieve this, Thomas Shelby had to repeatedly remind his enemies of his position which was only done through more crime and killing. Though his death count cannot be accurately measured, it is estimated to be high in the hundreds.

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