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Peaky Blinders: 10 Scenes Even Fans Didn’t See Coming

Peaky Blinders never fails to catch its audience off guard. These scenes left everyone with their mouths hanging open.

Envisioned by Steven Knight, Peaky Blinders is one of the best British dramas in the history of television. The show is known for its brilliant actors, great storylines, and incredible cinematography.

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It follows a British gang – Peaky Blinders and their rise in Birmingham. Because it’s a crime drama, the series features a lot of unpredictable scenes and it’s only fair to take a look at, at least, some of them. So, without further ado, let’s see the 10 Scenes from Peaky Blinders Even Fans Didn’t See Coming.

Thomas and Alfie’s Grenade Conversation

When the walls are closing in on Thomas Shelby and his family, he pulls the rabbit out of the hat with this one. He walks into Alfie’s office (who is trying to get 100% of Tommy’s business) and tells him that he and James (standing outside) have a grenade trip-wired to a barrel of rum and if anyone other than Thomas walks out of the door, James is going to blow it all up.

Alfie, hearing that, can’t tell if Thomas is bluffing or not and after a surreal back and forth, Thomas agrees to give 35% of his business to Alfie. This scene is a masterclass in acting by Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy.

Ben’s Death

After making a place for himself in Ada Shelby’s heart, Ben Younger died a tragic death. He worked closely with Thomas as they were trying to bring down Oswald Mosely.

After leaving Tommy’s office, Ben went into his car and as soon as he started it, an explosion occurred killing him and a kid nearby. It happened all of a sudden and no matter what anyone else thinks, Tommy will continue blaming himself for this.

Billy Boys Kill Bonnie

In a truly horrifying scene, Billy Boys made their presence felt as they delivered a chilling message to Thomas. In the woods, they made their entrance and broke Aberama Gold’s arm, before focusing their intentions on his son Bonnie.

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They then proceeded to hang Bonnie on a cross and quite mercilessly, the Billy Boys shot Bonnie dead, leaving his father distraught as he watched his son take his last breath. This is one of the saddest scenes in Peaky Blinders.

Tables Turn On Luca Changretta

Luca Changretta in Peaky Blinders

In an intense season 4 finale, Luca Changretta came face to face with Thomas and his family. Tommy was to hand over all his assets to Luca. After some talking between them, Luca threatened to kill Tommy but Arthur made a return from the dead and shot Luca dead.

Before all of this happened, the show made it seem like Arthur was killed during a boxing contest by Luca, with help from Alfie. But, as always, Tommy had one trump card left to play and boy did it pay off.

Alfie Solomons’ Return From The Dead

After Thomas got to know about Alfie’s involvement with Luca, he wanted to finish him off for good. So, near a beach, Tommy killed Alfie, or, at least, we thought so, until season 5, where Alfie made his return.

It was revealed that he was shot in the face but he miraculously survived and Tommy knew that fact. The fans were mightily relieved to see one of their favorite characters return.

Polly Kills Campbell

In the finale of season 2, all eyes were on Campbell as he was planning to bring down Thomas and his family for good. But what happens on Derby day is unforeseen.

Polly Gray meets Campbell inside a phone booth when he is speaking with Winston Churchill. Then, Polly has a little pep talk with him, before shooting him in the gut and quite fittingly. That brought about an end to one of the best villains in Peaky Blinders.

Thomas’s Near Escape

In that same episode, Campbell hires three men to murder Thomas and he is kidnapped by them abruptly. He is taken to a barren land, where he, seemingly, accepts his fate, with a cigarette, of course.

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Then, out of nowhere, one of the assassin’s kills the other two, leaving Thomas and the fans shocked and confused. The shooter proceeds to say that – “In the near future, Mr. Churchill will like to meet you in person, Thomas. He has a job for you.” Tommy has always been stalked by death and that will seemingly go on for a little while.

Thomas Outplayed

In the season 5 finale, for the first time, the fans witnessed Thomas lose out to someone. He had everything carefully planned for Mosley’s execution at an event but before time, Barnes (who was going to shoot Mosley) is killed before Aberama is stabbed to death.

Tommy then left the scene with Arthur telling him that he has finally found someone he cannot defeat. Then, he hallucinates the presence of Grace before holding a gun to his head. It was an incredible end to another impeccable season.

Grace’s Death

Thomas’s love of his life was revealed to be pregnant in the last episode of season 2 and season 3 began with their wedding. But, as far as Tommy is concerned, a happy ending is never on the cards as at a fundraiser party, out of nowhere, an Italian assassin murders Grace on the order of Vicente Changretta.

She is killed by a gunshot and that moment will forever be etched in the fans’ memory. After this happened, there is no way in hell that Tommy will ever be okay.

John’s Death

Luca left a lasting impact on the series as he managed to kill one of the best characters in Peaky Blinders. When Michael visits John in his house, they are greeted by some Italian assassins who start shooting.

John manages to protect Michael but in the process is hit by multiple gunshots and he dies instantly. The fans were left bamboozled by what transpired in front of their eyes and until now, no one has been able to fill the void left by John.

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