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The Walking Dead: 8 Deleted Scenes That Should Have Made The Final Cut

There are deleted scenes left out of The Walking Dead that should have been included in the final cut, adding both big and small aspects.

The third part of the final season of The Walking Dead will begin this upcoming October, bringing an end to the long-running epic series. This series is full of action-packed, suspenseful, and heartbreaking scenes that kept the audience hooked on the storyline and the characters involved.

Throughout the making of this show, the showrunners had to make decisions about what was the most important scenes to include within the timeframe of each episode. However, there are several deleted scenes from different seasons that should have made the final cut, adding aspects both big and small.

Before The Farm

Rick and Hershel at a barn talking in TWD.

After the group left the CDC, they were alone on the road before they ended up on Hershel’s farm. In the first episode of season 2, the group quickly ends up on the highway where they first see a herd pass by and Sophia goes missing. While there are many capable characters in The Walking Dead, this deleted scene highlights the group dynamic early on.

This scene would have likely taken place before the incident on the highway. While there are a few reasons why it might have not made it into the season, such as having to cut time from the episode, it would have added more suspense to the new season. This scene makes it clear that walkers aren’t the only threat the group has to worry about and would give some early insight into how dangerous people can be as well. Instead, the audiences waits until later on in the season when Rick, Hershel, and Glenn encounter a couple of dangerous men in a bar.

Carl Talks About The Afterlife

Split image of Carl and Beth on The Walking Dead

There are many sad deaths in each season of The Walking Dead, but Lori’s death in season 3 left an opportunity for the younger members of the group contemplate their mortality. They know at this point that people they love are going to die, but the concept of the afterlife is only briefly addressed throughout the series.

In this cut scene from season 3, Carl and Beth talk about death and the afterlife. It’s likely the scene was left out to leave time for other scenes, but it was a missed opportunity for character development. While Hershel is the religious character at this point, it’s often unclear how other members of the group view death and what follows. Had this scene been included, it would have given the audience a chance to see how the group thinks about the afterlife and then how their opinions alter as time goes on.

Lori As A Walker

The Walking Dead - Rick and Lori

Rick loses many people along the way, but his son’s greatest lost in The Walking Dead is Lori. However, the loss of his wife was important to Rick’s storyline, leading up to him becoming more unhinged and his personality being forever altered throughout the rest of the series. After her death, he begins having visions of her.

In this deleted version of one of the scenes in which Rick sees Lori after her death, he gets a glimpse of how she would have appeared as a walker. This horrific image may have left out because these moments highlighted Rick’s journey into coping with his loss, and it may have felt out of place. However, it would have helped to showcase how he snapped out of his delusions instead of just easing them out of the show.

More Hershe

Hershel - Best Walking Dead Episodes

Hershel had many quotes of wisdom in the series, leaving the audience wondering who would take over his thoughtful role following his death. After he took an active role in caring for the sick people within the prison, it was heartbreaking to not see much more of Hershel before his death.

While he and Michonne are being held captive, they chat with the Governor. However, this deleted scene showed another member of the Governor’s group speaking to the captives. This scene was likely removed because it wasn’t deemed important enough to the storyline. If it was included, it not only would have given Hershel some more screen time before his death, but it would have also made the Governor’s group seem less blind to the man’s terrible nature and therefore less sympathetic.

Carl And Rick Have A Talk

The group is often to busy trying to survive to have cute family moments. After Carl and Rick escape the prison following its destruction, the boy barely speaks to his father and is considerable upset about the situation they’re in, obviously believing Rick holds some of the blame for the death and loss.

When Michonne joins them, Carl’s hostile nature eases a bit towards his father. This would have been an ideal moment for a scene such as this one, in which Rick expresses how he respects his son. Most of this show is fighting and suspense, not leaving much time to dwell on how the children growing up in this world are viewed. This scene would have emphasized how the two cleared the air after the prison while also giving the audience a light-hearted, father-son momen

Rick Being More Hostile

Rick Grimes and the prison - 10 Reasons the "Walking Dead" TV Show Is Better Than the Graphic Novels

At this point, the group has escaped the cannibalistic group at Terminus, but they haven’t yet been led to Alexandria. However, with Carol and Beth imprisoned at a hospital in Atlanta, the group has to devise another plan to save their people.

In this deleted scene, Rick and Daryl are seen agreeing to kill everyone in the facility if the situation goes wrong. However, the scene was cut from the episode, likely because even after Beth’s death, they don’t attempt to take down the whole group within the hospital. Rick had been ready to kill people before, but was in the process of changing his perspective before the Governor destroyed the prison, and they were nearly all killed at Terminus. This small scene would have emphasized to the audience that Rick was no longer interested in compromising.

Rick Lets Go

Andrew Lincoln as Rick in The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15

Many members of the group struggle to settle into the easier, safer lifestyle within Alexandria. However, Rick seems content to make it work for his family, while also being prepared to take the place by force if things didn’t go in their favor.

While Rick begins to trust the people within Alexandria, the audience sees more of him plotting and hiding guns than attempting to simulate to their lifestyle. In this deleted scene, he expresses a desire to follow the rules set in place and allow their group to not have weapons. Had this scene been included, it would have shown another side to Rick that wasn’t solely concerned with being armed and thinking he needs to force the Alexandrians to live differently. This scene wouldn’t have contradicted his other statements because he ends the conversation with noting they’re still capable even without guns.

Glenn And His Son

Steven Yuen in The Walking Dead

The death of Glenn left the whole group, as well as the audience, distraught. It was devastating to see Abraham lose his life as well, but the added sorrow of Glenn never getting to meet his child was an added tragedy.

There was a scene similar to this deleted scene in which the group are seen having a comfortable dinner together in the future. However, this deleted scene expands on that, showing Glenn spending more time playing and bonding with his future child. This scene would have been the emotional pull of the vision of the future much more heartbreaking. Though it may have slowed down the plot where the shorter version was placed in the episode, it would have been a nice vision to end with.

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