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Gordon Ramsay mocked for bizarre St Patrick’s day cooking tutorial: ‘Straight to prison’

The ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ TV chef captioned the recipe the ‘perfect indulgence this St Patrick’s Day’

Gordon Ramsay has been lambasted for a St Patricks Day cooking video posted on Friday (17 March), in which corned beef is turned into “nachos”.

The Hell’s Kitchen TV chef, 56 captioned the social media post: “The perfect indulgence this St Patricks Day is turning your Corned Beef into ‘Nachos.’”

His viewers, left puzzled by the recipe, questioned what the link the food had to St Patrick’s day and also commented on the food’s peculiar colour, with some remarking that it looked undercooked.

One person asked whether the cooking video was an early April Fools joke, writing: “Pulled the trigger on this post a little early. April 1st is still a couple weeks away.”

“ITS RAW!!” claimed one viewer, and another wrote: “This looks like a video you’d do a nasty reaction to.”

“Gordon you’re better than this,” pleaded one user, while another quipped: “Straight to prison son.”

While many of the comments suggested that the food appeared unappetising and had little to do with the Irish holiday, others praised the food.

The video begins with the presenter chopping up a cabbage before adding some butter, onions and salt to a hot pan.

Stewing the onion mix until caramelised, he then starts dicing up some tomatoes. Nothing seems out of the ordinary until he combines butter, flour, mustard, cream and some seasoning to produce a beige sauce.‘The perfect indulgence this St Patricks Day is turning your Corned Beef into “Nachos,”’ wrote che

Ramsay then sprinkles some corned beef over the fries and salsa, adds the caramelised onions, and then another layer of the beige sauce.

It appears that the video was made to promote “Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast” – a game where users can make their own recipes.

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