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The Walking Dead: Not Only is Andrew Lincoln Returning, He’s also Returning in Three Different Series

Andrew Lincoln being spotted in Paris has led many to speculate that he might make an appearance Norman Reedus’ upcoming spinoff film, which is set to be filmed in Europe.

After Lincoln’s confirmed departure from the cast of The Walking Dead in its ninth season, AMC announced several spin-off shows that would focus on other popular characters such as Daryl Dixon and Negan. In light of recent developments, however, it appears that Lincoln may make a return appearance in another one of the Walking Dead properties before his own spin-off show airs.

And, on top of that, it is believed that Andrew Lincoln will return for at least the final episode of The Walking Dead‘s flagship series, if not several episodes during its final season.

Last week, Lincoln was seen in Paris, France taking a photo with one of his fans. For those who don’t know, there is a Daryl Dixon spin-off that is supposed to be set in France which will feature him fighting against a new strain of infected zombies. Now that Lincoln has been spotted in France, people are speculating if Rick Grimes will have the chance to reunite with his brother before he appears on his own spin-off show.


The upcoming Daryl Dixon spin-off is expected to begin filming soon in France. Currently, AMC is airing the final eight episodes of The Walking Dead main show, which began with Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes searching for his family amid a zombie apocalypse. When the show first premiered in 2010, few people were familiar with the original source material created by comic book writer Robert Kirkman.

The repeated success of the first season inspired AMC to keep The Walking Dead going. From 2010 until now, there have 11 seasons and three spinoff series of the show. At first, after Andrew Lincoln’s departure from ~~the show~~ Walking Dead, AMC had planned on making multiple movies featuring Rick Grimes. But then they decided to finish his story arc on television instead.

The Walking Dead‘s Andrew Lincoln will star alongside Black Panther‘s Danai Gurira in the new spin-off show. previously, Gurira played Michonne on The Walking Dead–a sword-wielding warrior. She left during the 10th season to become a bigger star in Marvel Cinematic Universe. AMC teasingly hinted that this Rick Grimes/Michonne love story will be “epic.”

andrew lincoln returning


The Walking Dead’s viewership has decreased catastrophically by more than half since 2016, possibly due to the fan-favorite character Glen’s brutal murder at the beginning of season 7. The show has yet to regain many of its viewers back, but AMC is hoping that Andrew Lincoln’s return as Rick Grimes will bring back some old fans.

It’ll be interesting to see how the show approaches Rick Grimes’ death. In the comic book, he is killed by Sebastian Milton, the son of Pamela Milton, president of a thriving city called the Commonwealth. If you’ve been keeping up with the show, you know that Sebastian is already dead and they are wrapping up arc with the Commonwealth.

This doesn’t mean that the same faith won’t happen to Andrew Lincoln’s character as it did in the comics. We’ll have to wait and see how AMC deals with this IP.

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