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Andrew Lincoln Sighting Sparks TWD Spinoff Appearance Speculation

Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln has been spotted in Paris, France, giving way to speculation that he may appear in Daryl's upcoming European spinoff.

The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln has been spotted in Paris, France, leading to speculation that he could appear as Rick Grimes in Daryl Dixon’s upcoming spinoff series. Lincoln starred as Rick – the Atlanta Sheriffs’ Deputy-turned-survivalist leader – during The Walking Dead‘s first eight seasons. In season 9, episode 5 of the show, Rick sacrificed himself by blowing up a bridge to ensure a zombie horde didn’t overrun Alexandria and other communities in Virginia. Rick was last seen having survived the explosion and being taken by Jadis via helicopter to an unknown CRM location.

Initial plans for Rick Grimes’ future in The Walking Dead involved a trilogy of theatrically-released films that would tell the story of his time in the CRM during the flagship series’ six-year time jump. It wasn’t long before those plans fell by the wayside, instead replaced by a spinoff series featuring Rick and his wife Michonne, the latter having left during The Walking Dead season 10. The six-episode spinoff will see Lincoln and Danai Gurira reprise their roles as Rick and Michonne from the main series, with a chance for more seasons in the future. Their story will air in 2023, accompanied that same year by a Negan and Maggie spinoff, Dead City, set in New York City, and Daryl Dixon, a spinoff set in France.

According to a post from AndyLincolnNews on Twitter, The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln has been spotted by a fan in Paris, France. Fan response to the image has included speculation that his presence in the city means he may appear in the France-set Daryl Dixon spinoff series, which is poised to begin filming soon. Check out the image below:

Will Rick Grimes Appear In Daryl’s Walking Dead Spinoff?

While Lincoln’s presence in France doesn’t mean he’s going to appear in Daryl Dixon, there have been a few hints from actor Norman Reedus that Daryl’s circumstances in the country are questionable. Earlier this month, Reedus revealed Daryl does not go to France of his own accord, implying another entity is responsible for his sudden and drastic location change. The CRM are the most likely culprit, not only because they took Rick in the parent show, but also because of their involvement in abducting survivors in Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Because of his association as a victim of the CRM, it’s possible Rick Grimes makes a brief appearance during Daryl’s spinoff, potentially as a launchpad for his own next chapter in The Walking Dead universe.

How he could appear is another factor to consider, as Rick’s uncertain fate after Jadis gave him to the CRM means he could have escaped to Europe somehow. Another possibility is that he’s been forced into working for the CRM, explaining his absence from the main group for over six years. Lincoln’s time in France might not be for The Walking Dead, but it’s an interesting possibility considering how close to filming Daryl Dixon is. Perhaps The Walking Dead‘s upcoming Europe-centric spinoff will launch Daryl into a story of his own while acting as the start of Rick’s for his own forthcoming series.

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