The Mossberg 590S Shotgun

Firearms News October 2022, Issue #19 is on the newsstands! Pick up a copy at your local magazine stand, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, or major book retailer.

This Month in Firearms News:

On the cover: The Mossberg 590S: Some Is Good, More Is Better by Patrick Sweeney

Also inside:

  • Newsstand: Recent News for the Firearms Community by Patrick Sweeney
  • The Gunwerks Nexus Rifle System: Long-Range Innovator by James Tarr
  • Le Fusil Semi-Automatique de 7,5mm Modèle 1049/56: France’s First Truly Successful Semiauto Battle Rife by Paul Scarlata
  • The Mac Stinger: The Suppository Gun by Will Dabbs, MD
  • Ottoman WWI Small Arms, Part II: Tüfekler, Tabancalar ve Makineli tüfekler by Paul Scarlata
  • Encore Article: Pocket Pistol Roundup by James Tarr
  • 2nd Amendment Nightmares in Las Vegas: More and More Las Vegas Guests are Reporting the Horror Stories of Traveling to Vegas with Their Firearms (or Not) — Here Is One of Them by David Codrea

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