Twilight: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Edward And Bella’s Relationship

The romance between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in the Twilight saga continues to entertain fans, inspiring memes dedicated to the love story.

Netflix’s Day Shift has brought an interesting, unique vampire movie to the genre. However, many viewers are still entranced by the action-packed romance of the Twilight saga.

As a story about vampires, the saga has plenty of action and suspense relating to the supernatural within the story. However, the movie is best known for its exciting, heartwarming love story about Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Though the final movie was released over a decade ago, fans continue to embrace the saga as a true love story. These fans have created many memes dedicated to the relationship between Edward and Bella.

10 Love At First Smell

The first scene between Edward and Bella is one of the most iconic moments in the saga. When Bella walks into the science lab and the fan blows her scent in Edward’s direction, he’s so overwhelmed by the smell of her that he has to cover his nose.

As this meme expresses, fans can’t get over his reaction to her. Though it’s quite a serious scene because Edward is struggling with his instincts to feed on her blood, Bella is confused, even smelling her hair to see if she stinks.

Edward’s Changing Eyes

Edward is drawn to Bella, but he obviously doesn’t want her to learn that he is a vampire. While the scene when he shows her who he truly is offers one of the most cringe-worthy quotes in Twilight, the buildup to the reveal helped to solidify their relationship before the truth is out.

This meme references one of the clues that led to Bella learning Edward is a vampire. He attempts to play off the change in his eye color, but there’s no denying it’s strange.

The Dad

Viewers consider Bella Swan one of the whiniest protagonists in movies. However, one reason fans love the saga so much is that the main character is a relatable teenager. This is expressed in a few different ways over the course of the movies, including Edward’s desire and failure to impress her father.

It’s hard to find many things normal about Bella and Edward’s relationship, but this meme reminds viewers that they still adhered to certain human norms. While Charlie having a hard time accepting Edward may be upsetting, it’s one of the most mundane aspects of the saga.

The Hard Decision

Some fans can’t stand the relationship between Bella and Edward, but it does make for an interesting epic story arc. Edward doesn’t just fight to keep Bella safe, but ends up having to save her life when she’s bitten by the vampire James.

This meme references one of the most intense scenes in the first movie. Edward is scared to suck the venom out of her body, while Bella is completely consumed with pain. The whole Cullen family is there to help deal with James, but this scene highlights the dedication Edward has to keep Bella safe.

Bella Wants To Be A Vampire

One aspect from the books is Bella’s aversion to blood, which is conveniently left out of the plot in the movies. This aspect was likely left out because it would have complicated the plotline focused on Bella asking Edward to change her.

This meme points out how desperate is to become a vampire. As she gets older, she becomes more nervous about the idea that she’ll become unattractive to Edward. While it’s understandable why she desires to be immortal like her love interest, this persistence does leave Edward stressed about his decision to take away her humanity.

The Breakup

After the development of their love in the first movie, it was a shock that Edward chose to leave Bella at the first sign of trouble. The most shocking aspect of their breakup was how blunt he is in his delivery, telling Bella he didn’t want to be with her anymore and that she’d never see him again.

It’s hard to believe as a viewer that they will actually stay apart. However, this separation had a large influence on their relationship. Though Edward was harsh about his decision and the situation only increased both of their sufferings, it solidified the fact that the two were meant to be together.

Bella’s Visions

This meme is a hilarious depiction of Bella having to take on a vampire after the Cullens leave Forks. However, it also proves how important Edward was to her.

It was at this moment that Bella realized that she would have visions of Edward during times when she was in danger. She was so consumed with her grief over losing her boyfriend that she would imagine what he would do in these situations. This aspect of New Moon is what led to the conflict throughout and the eventual reunion of Edward and Bella.

Jacob Obstacle

It was clear that Edward didn’t like Bella being around Jacob Black, knowing he was a member of the werewolf family, but Jacob didn’t become a possible love interest until Edward left. Though they had a couple of cute scenes together, it was pretty clear Bella was too drawn to Edward.

However, Jacob became a more prominent love interest in the second film. This was the few conflicts between Bella and Edward. He didn’t like her seeing Jacob, but also couldn’t stop her from seeing her friend.

Parenting Struggles


Even after Bella chose Edward over Jacob, he continued to be a consistent in their lives. After Bella has her daughter, their relationship gets more complicated than ever when Jacob imprints on Renesmee.

While Edward is dealing with taking care of Bella as she turns into a vampire, he also has to deal with Jacob’s presence around his new family. This instance actually doesn’t create more tension between Jacob and Edward, however. It isn’t elaborated on clearly about how he feels about the imprint, but the situation makes it easier for Edward to accept his wife’s friend.

Bella Freaks Out

Bella’s moments after she awakens as a new vampire is one of the most iconic moments in the saga. However, her encounter with Jacob following his protective nature of Renesmee is one of the most humorous scenes in the film.

Bella is outraged by Jacob’s imprinting on her infant daughter, using her new strength to push him around. This doesn’t just alter her relationship with Jacob but demonstrates Edward’s appreciation of his wife’s new form. While her new physical attributes are intimidating to other characters, Edward is amazed by her transformation and expresses this even as she is assaulting Jacob and his pack.

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