10 Funniest Tweets About The Twilight Saga

Edward Cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black captured the imaginations of fans, and the legions at Twitter have been hard at work with the funny tweets.

With the great Twilight Renaissance of the 2020s, the viral vampire-human-werewolf love triangle has come back in style, and how. What was once mocked and considered silly, is now, once again, one of the most popular franchises of all time, even with limited new material being released.

Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, and Jacob Black captured the imaginations of audiences around the world, and the legions over at Twitter have been working hard to tweet hilarious things about Twilight. These funny tweets really bring out the best and worst in the iconic saga.

10 Twilight X Batman

The reactions to Robert Pattinson being Batman were overwhelmingly positive, and suddenly the actor was a universal favorite, instead of just being an actor for the ladies. However, in a hilarious moment, women reclaimed that they had recognized Pattinson’s talent way before the superhero movie, and decided to attach Twilight to The Batman.

Many even made connections between all of Pattinson’s popular movies, and how they all existed in the same universe. Therefore, this tweet was birthed about whether a Twilight viewing is mandatory (the answer is yes).

Rosalie’s Wrath

Fans can’t forget the iconic scene where Bella and Edward debut as a couple in the Cullen house, where they attempted to make Bella pasta because she was Italian. This Twitter user likened Rosalie’s anger at Bella’s full stomach to Maddie’s popular line from Euphoria.

The finishing touch on this tweet was that they added the famous Twilight blue filter to the screen capture from Euphoria to capture the mood. The Cullens really tried to be hospitable.

The Next Met Gala

The Twilight Renaissance has been a very real phenomenon in the past couple of years, and the initially mocked film has become a worldwide craze, yet again.

Twihards have risen again, and a new generation of teens have also grown to love the iconic Twilight Saga and its characters. So, it’s not a reach to imagine that the Met Gala could be themed after Bella, Edward, and all the Cullens.

Biology Class

Eevrything becomes a little funnier when it’s crossed over with The Office, and this viral Michael Scott meme fits bizarrely well with Edward’s very amusing reaction to Bella’s scent when she met him in Biology class for the first time.

He did very nearly kill her, but the movie depiction of him covering his nose with his hands is widely considered one of the funnier parts of Twilight and fans are making jokes about it to date.

The Twilight Fake Baby

Unsettling yet comical, Renesmee’s baby CGI baby form in Breaking Dawn Part II was a masterclass in what not to do while creating supernatural babies. Lovingly (or fearfully) dubbed the Twilight Fake Baby, fans can’t forget its haunting face.

The icing on the cake was that Renesmee could have been a lot more horrific looking, with an abandoned animatronic doll named “Chuckesmee” by the filmmakers. Both the babies are truly frightful.

Where The Hell You Been, Loca?

New Moon is quietly known as the worst sequel of the Twilight series, mainly because it birthed hilarity like this very out-of-place dialogue uttered by Jacob Black.

Fans can’t forget the absurdity of this greeting that Jacob said to Bella, which she didn’t quite respond to. It’s become one of the most well-known and uproarious lines from the movie.

Edward’s Nocturnal Activities

While some fans belatedly found Edward’s stalkerish behavior towards Bella a bit creepy, others decided to joke about it. Much like the awkward but comical selfie of a made-up Kim with her half-asleep ex-husband Kanye West, Edward also sat long nights watching Bella sleep.

It was definitely a testament to his love for the teen because there is nothing fascinating about watching somebody sleep, in fact it was very cringey of Edward to do. Loosely put, Bella was a sort of lucky girl.

Phoebe Bridgers X Twilight

The Twilight soundtrack is known for its choice selection of music, and all by fantastic artists. This tweet by Phoebe Bridgers is spot on, because her brand of emo-folk, melancholy and anxious music would have been a shoo-in for the Twilight albums.

This would have made the soundtracks a lot more emotional than they are currently, which is why she claims that they dodged a bullet.

Bella’s Undying Love

Bella’s devotion to, and fascination with, Edward Cullen was sweet, but it could really become quite strange sometimes. She knew the mortal danger she put herself in every time Edward even touched her, but she would do anything for some supernatural loving.

It was laughable how, even when he hurt her (or hypothetically munched her elbow off) she was in denial about the danger. Poor Bella really did need a reality check once in a while.

Edward, Go To Therapy

In a similar vein, Edward had the most issues between the couple, and he had, well, an immortal life. For more than a century he battled his demons, yet he could not find the time to get therapy to sort himself out.

If Edward had got some therapy, maybe he would’ve left Bella alone while she slept, or not tortured both himself and her with his self-righteous tricks in New Moon.

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