Peaky Blinders


Peaky Blinders actor Tom Hardy made a cameo at the REORG Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship charity event. Hardy, 44, did more than support the cause — he also walked away with two gold medals at the competition.

Is there anything this man can’t do?

In one of his wins, Hardy was videoed pinning his opponent with a mean technical mount and getting a solid lock on his opponent’s elbow to fall back into an armbar. Having fallen victim to that tech mount plenty of times — courtesy of friend and former Marine Scout Sniper, Jacob D. — the form couldn’t have been better from Hardy.

Hardy earned a gold medal in the gi and no-gi categories — showing off the actor’s incredible versatility on the mats.

Hardy has reportedly been practicing jiu-jitsu since starring in Gavin O’Connor’s MMA opus, Warrior (2011). The man has also undergone crazy physical transformations to get into characters (e.g., Bane in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, Charles Bronson in 2008’s Bronson).

It’s impressive that Hardy has kept up with the sport and made his way up to a four-stripe blue belt rank. After earning two gold medals over the weekend, Hardy can bet on being promoted to purple belt sooner than later.

REORG is a cause dedicated to helping military personnel and first responders “facing severe mental and physical difficulties. Problems often get worse once they leave the service and no longer have the camaraderie and support of colleagues.”

REORG’s website adds, “Joining a jiu-jitsu club can make a massive difference in so many different ways. It gives a healthy outlet for your energy and gets you training with a group of people like-minded who are focused on the same goal. This small step can be a life saver.”

Speaking as a fellow blue belt, I wouldn’t want to mess with Hardy.

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