The Sims 4 Werewolves Not So Subtly Mocks the Twilight Series

The Twilight parody saga Dusk Glow by Bella Jacobs continues to amuse Sims 4 players with its snarky descriptions and references to the vampire saga.

Sims 4 players don’t need to speak fluent Simlish to recognize the tongue-in-cheek references to the Twilight saga planted in the game’s latest Werewolves Game Pack.

Dusk Glow, a Twilight parody novel within Sims 4, has been available for any Sim’s discerning home library prior to the recently release Werewolves Game Pack. However, further installments in the riveting series have been added in Sims 4’s latest update. Twitter user SimsGrimReaper shared screenshots that included the descriptions of Dusk Glow 2: Moonrise and Dusk Glow 3: Shadowmoon.

Written by Bella Jacobs, Dusk Glow’s plot summary promotes the franchise’s central love triangle: “Darla must decide between a bad-boy vampire and a nice werewolf boy who is friends with her dad. Guess who she picks!!” Sims 4’s Werewolves expansion takes aim at New Moon’s frequent feminist critique by ironically pitching Dusk Glow 2: Moonrise as “a great read for young girls!”

Though the fictional Dusk Glow novels openly mock the supernatural romances penned by Stephanie Meyer, many Sims players have speculated that the creator behind this particular Easter Egg harbors a modicum of unironic support for Team Jacob. Many of Dusk Glow’s descriptions seemingly deride the series’ human protagonist for perusing her vampiric boyfriend over her lycanthropic one. The language of the fictional summaries paired with an author named Bella Jacobs indicates that Team Jacob may still live on in the hearts of certain Twilight fans, both of the ironic and unironic variety.

The Dusk Glow novels aren’t the only reference to Twilight’s werewolves that can be found in The Sims 4’s latest expansion. Fans online pointed out that a poster for a fictional film entitled Werewolf Noir, available for decorative purchase, cites a cast list in its description that includes tributes to the names of various Twilight werewolves. In previous entries, The Sims 4 poked fun at The Lord of the Rings in a similar fashion, with a children’s book titled The Lord of the Swings about a playground bully that surprisingly summarized the main plot points of the legendary series. The game also parodied the Harry Potter series with a book titled Darley Porter & the Basement of Shadows, similarly taking place in a normal children’s school. Fittingly, that title was added as part of the Realm of Magic Game Pack.

Sims 4 is available on Steam, Origin, PlayStation, Xbox, and EA for fans eager to sincerely send up and/or ironically mock their favorite franchises alongside the game’s creators.

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