Jensen Ackles Hasn’t Seen The Batman Because of Twilight: ‘It’s a Sensitive Subject’

Jenson Ackles jokes that the reason he hasn't seen The Batman yet is that its star, Robert Pattinson, previously headlined the Twilight series.

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles still hasn’t seen The Batman and it’s all Twilight’s fault.

As reported by Screen Rant, Ackles, who voiced the Dark Knight in Batman: The Long Halloween: Part 1 and 2, joked about the “sensitive” subject during a recent panel at Supernatural NJ Con 2022. “I’m not ready to invite another Batman into my world!” he said, before joking that “Us other Batmen, we’re a little hesitant to invite new ones in!” Ackles then took a playful jab at The Batman star Robert Pattinson’s earlier turn as Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise, quipping that it’s especially hard for him to accept a Caped Crusader who “used to be a vampire.”

While Ackles and Pattinson play distinctly different versions of DC’s iconic superhero, fans have noted several similarities between The Batman and The Long Halloween. Examples of overlap between the two stories include their shared focus on the Dark Knight’s early career and the way both spotlight the Caped Crusader’s detective skills. Director Matt Reeves previously cited the original Long Halloween comics as one of his key influences while developing The Batman.

Reeves’ approach to the Bat-mythos has paid off handsomely for Warner Bros. The Batman has raked in over $750 million worldwide at the time of writing, earning $386.1 million of its box office haul overseas and $365 million domestically. It is currently the highest-grossing film of 2022, and also the most profitable of Batman’s recent big-screen outings, having already outperformed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and Justice League.

The film recently swooped onto HBO Max and continued its run of form on the streaming platform. The Batman set a new first-week viewership record for a DC film on HBO Max. It was streamed by 4.1 million households over the seven days immediately following its release, putting it well ahead of The Suicide Squad (3.1 million), Wonder Woman 1984 (3.2 million) and Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2.2 million). The Batman also outperformed other major non-DC releases The Matrix Resurrections (3.2 million) and Dune (2.3 million).

Buoyed by the movie’s strong performance in cinemas and on streaming, Warner Bros. recently announced a sequel to The Batman. Pattinson previously revealed he’s already started thinking about the direction Bruce Wayne and his pointy-eared alter-ego could go in future films. “I’ve made a kind of map for where Bruce’s psychology would grow over two more movies,” he said. “I would love to do it.”

The Batman is currently streaming on HBO Max and arrives on Digital, 4K UHD and DVD May 24.

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