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Priyanka Chopra Spent Her Sunday Gorging On Scramble Eggs And Avocado

Priyanka Chopra is also a foodie and her venture in New York "SONA," stands as a testimony to the statement.

Priyanka Chopra is a force to be reckoned with. And, her journey has inspired millions of people across the globe. From being an actress, singer and now, a successful entrepreneur, she has always left us stunned. Well, besides all this, Priyanka is also a foodie and her venture in New York “SONA,” stands as a testimony to the statement. And, now, Priyanka has allowed us to check out her weekend binge. It was a sumptuous treat, to say the least. On the table, we could see a bowl of what looked like scrambled eggs. Some rounded waffle cookies and sliced avocados were also part of the Sunday menu. Along with the picture, she wrote, “Sundays with @sonahomenyc.”

Take a look:


Priyanka Chopra had this breakfast

Priyanka Chopra loves Indian cuisine. She once shared a video of drool-worthy garlic naan being prepared. In the clip, we could see the dough is first dipped in a garlic-coriander-spice mix, then rolled out by hand, and finally transferred to a “tandoor” for further roasting, the most traditional way of preparing the delicacy. Alongside, she stated, “Who’s hungry?”

Priyanka Chopra’s foodie indulgences are super relatable. Once, she shared a picture of her yummy food diaries and made us slurp. When she went to Paris to attend a fashion event, the diva chomped on crispy French Fries. She shared a snap of her treat and added, “French fries at France.” Read all about it here.

Priyanka Chopra also makes it a point to make it big when it comes to birthdays. And, to mark daughter Malti Marie Jonas’ six-month birthday, Priyanka made it a point to get a super cute cake for the little one. It was a vanilla cake with strawberry toppings.

We are excited to see what Priyanka Chopra gorges on next. What about you?

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